Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flowers in early summer

Since we bought picture book of flowers also, let me identify the followings around KADOIKE park.

AZISAI; Hydrangea

HARUZION; Philadelphia Daisy

Unknown; couldn't find it on the picture book. If you know, please tell me.


YAMABOUSHI; One of Cornel family

GAKUAZISAI; One of Hydrangea

SHIMOTSUKE; Meadow sweet


By the way, she did SAKAAGARI, forward upward circling, very well today. Good job!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hatch on the wall today

was as follows.

SHIROHARA_KOKAGEROU mayfly's female dun, most famous one of baties species in Japan.

And its male dun also.

FUTABA_KOKAGEROU mayfly's female dun.

Looks like hatch itself has been getting activated recently. They must call me to the river.

Grown up

ASAGAO, morning glory.

HIMAWARI, sunflower.

Both of them were grown up well.

We made a quick sketch of them this morning. Doing something together with kids is fun and good thing for us both, I believe.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


, sensitive plant, was added to her plant family today. She named it 'OZIKO' with much love.

Hopefully we'll see its germination about two weeks later.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

UDO plant

is one of famous edible wild plants in Japan.

Curryman picked some for us during ITOSHIRO fishing trip yesterday.

Its TENPURA was so yummy!

My wife and I really enjoyed it. For our daughter, a little bit bitter likely.

Rock Climbing; It's my turn

As I wrote before, my daughter loves to do rock-climbing so much. Since she did it so good last time, I promised her to try it together next time.

So the time has come, it is my turn!

I didn't have any confidence for durability of my muscular strength, so I kept climbing without hesitation.

The feeling on the top was just...


But I was satisfied to show my daughter my back today. If we have another chance, I would like to try it more slowly and carefully. Which means I must do more strength training to do that...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fishing Trip to ITOSHIRO

Our friend ICHIGOU invited us, curryman and me, to ITOSHIRO Catch & Release section today.
Hope this morning swallow give us a luck.

USUBA_AGEHA butterfly. I showed this pic to my daughter later, because new to her.

We left NUMAZU about 4:30 AM and arrived there around 9AM. Curryman was checking today's river condition first.

We can find many fishes easily.
The fishermen’s cooperative of this river never released adult fish, which means those fishes are reproducing by themselves. What a healthy river it is!

ICHIGOU and S-san helped us a lot, as experts of this river.
Since I didn't have many experiences at Japanese mountain stream yet, every their know-how was new to me.

At first pool hole, I got this IWANA trout by spent dun pattern.

Not bad start.

Cream sparkle dun as ICHIGOU's advise gave me this beautiful one. It worked so well , definitely today's hit fly.

Beautiful stream and good folks surround fresh green.

This dark dun (one of MADARA mayfly species?) was in third one's stomach. I was surprised by the number of aquatic insects species there, when I checked the website later.

I could catch 4 fishes only before the evening, because of many mistakes... Sorry, S-san.

Can you see many spinners in the sky on right pic? These FUTASUJI_MONKAGEROU mayflies were a sign of great evening's start.

I added 5 more fishes in the evening by huge white parachute. Lots of thanks for ICHIGOU & S-san, it was so great day for me.

As an addition, KIIRO_KAWAKAGEROU mayfly's male spinner on vending machine. New to me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Her busy morning

Today's topic was a seed leaf of morning glory was budded also.

Looked like totally different from sunflower's one.

About sunflower, it kept growing.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sparkle Dun

Brown and Cream one.

Simple but difficult to keep balance of each material length and volume.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Family Fishing

at KFS with their requests.

Her fishing skill was getting better a little by little.

HOURAI_MASU; Rainbow trout with no spots

She grabbed fishing pole after long interval, but did it well.

Because of bad weather forecast,

we decided to postpone today's fishing trip until next week.

By the way, this SAKURA_EBI shrimp was so delicious. It tells us the coming of early summer.

This morning, she showed me the sunflower's seed leaf.

Her 'diary of sunflower' has just begun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Griffith's Gnat

was tonight's quota. I like its simplicity and effect for the fish.

Good night, guys...

For this Saturday,

I added these parachute ones as a imitation of HIRATA mayfly family. Hackling itself, which had been my problem, was getting better.

I'm looking forward to this weekend fishing trip. Just the weather is my only concern.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Mother's Day,

she gave it to her mam.

And I made shrimp pilaf and sweet sour soup as supper with a lot of thanks.