Saturday, June 28, 2008

Train Excursion

We decided to visit my parents' home today by train.

It might be first try not only for her but for me also. As usual, we used automobile, but current oil price made it difficult.

She was so excited for everything and was doing excellent in public place.

I could have enough time for rest, because they took care of her so well.

Thanks, Dad and Mom!

It likely will be rainy tomorrow though, we are planning to do something active.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Review of This Week


My sister-in-law gave this treat as a souvenir of Myanmar business trip.

It tasted a kind of light and likely matched current season well.


As a business trip, I was in Nagahama.

One of treats there was the YAKINIKU(Grilled Beef)!
It was my first visit to TORIFUJI. Nagahama itself is famous for Ohmi Beef. But it handled Hida Beef there, and I loved it!!

Especially broiled innards, we call it 'Hormone' in Japanese, was best bet.


With my friend's family, my daughter and I had good time in swimming pool of my company's facility.

After that, they seemed to be having good time drinking yummy soft drink.

I'm getting used to be usual life in Japan after trip to China anyway, but I'm sure that I'll miss the fishing as next step soon...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Woodcut & Dumplings ; UENO Tokyo

Do you know the 'BANINTEN'? It is the annual exhibition of NIPPON HAGAIN. And my mother-in-law's woodcut work was accepted last year as first time!

This year, her work was exhibited again, so we planed to go there and appreciate their works at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno.

Including her work, we enjoyed their fantastic ones.

Though it was in rainy season, we had fine day today.

In celebration of her job, we had gorgeous lunch together at SEIYOUKEN restaurant.

After that, we walked into the Ueno Zoo park. My last visit there was almost 30years ago! Everything looked like better than before.

As afternoon tea time, we stopped at this tea house.

The hydrangea at entrance likely made it tasteful.

These dumplings were so nice!

I seemed to felt unique taste of Japan in this season so much today.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

LUK YU TEA HOUSE; last day in China

Last day, which meant moving day back to Japan, I had some time in Hong Kong to the flight.

This is my favorite tea house to enjoy having 'dim sum'. It locates close to Hong Kong station, 5min walking.

Especially I like its classical style interior.

Food itself tastes great with reasonable price, not expensive.

It was 2nd visit there, and I was so satisfied with everything.

Every time it gave me time to relax just before back to Japan.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Dragon Boat Festival; 2nd weekend in China

As it was getting close to second weekend, the waiter at every restaurant got recommending us 'Zongi'.

'Zongi' is the sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. We call it 'Chimaki' in Japanese.

2nd weekend was just 'Dragon Boat Festival' as lunar calender, and Chinese people eat Zongi as their traditional custom.

It is called 'Boys Festival' in Japan. And we eat a rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf. It is my favorite!

I tried several 'Zongi' at each restaurant, and found there were some variations.

My favorite was Shanghai food restaurant's one.

It was hot sunny day also this weekend, just like summer.

But I didn't dislike it. Since I got to there, it had been cloudy or rainy everyday.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

3rd business trip to China; MACAO again

On the morning of May 27, JAL flight 731 took off.

It might be my last business trip to China, so I decided to enjoy everything including working.

Setting working aside, let me report my first weekend there. Since I knew the MACAO's historical background just a little bit, I'd thought I would like to visit there again.

I found this lotus flower at the same place as last trip 'Monte Fort '.

This Museum was one of my destinations today.

I had new understanding which MACAO was essential relay place as trading, between Europe and China.

We picked this Restaurante FERNANDO, Portuguese food, for our lunch.

I'm still not sure what was its feature, but totally good. Especially waiter's recommendation, clam food was best.

As Sawaki's novel, I thought I should try some gambling.

But I didn't... It seemed that I didn't like such a kind of thing.