Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trip to Florida; Disney Animal Kingdom (Orlando)

According to Mapquest, it seemed to take about four hours between Miami and Orlando by car. Which meant we had to wake up very early and leave Miami for Orlando.

We left our hotel approximately 6:30AM, and made use of Florida's Turnpike(Toll). Though it took about $14, yet it was very comfortable.

I was surprised by its service area. It was equipped very well like Japanese one.

On the way to Orlando, I was bothered by black flying bug because of its breeding season. Like above pic, my car's windshield became dirty soon.

I found a kind of unique equipment like right pic. It helped a lot, but it came dirty back again very soon...

The entrance of Disney Animal Kingdom at Orlando.

Their unique beat attracted my daughter and me a lot.

She really liked to see their parade. It must be great time for her.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trip to Florida; Miami Beach (Miami)

It was hard to remember for me, when we visited the beach last time.

She likely excited a little bit.

It was good day to spend a time at the Miami beach, not so hot, not cold. Maybe a little windy weather helped us to feel comfortable.

Although she was scared of surf a little bit at first, she could enjoy
her first sea bathing finally.

After our beach time, we walked along the Lincoln Road. There were many shops and restaurants.

The beer gave me a lot of fun! It was good summer day for us.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Trip to Florida; Everglades (Miami)

We'd been thinking of the trip to Florida since a long time ago, and could do that using saved mileage in spite of unexpected moving. We should have relaxed time as a reward of hard moving.

Because of the ticket, we had to stay Denver on 1st day. 2nd day, we arrived at Orlando FL, and moved to Miami.
Now it was OK to go the Everglades national park today.

At Royal Palm; Anhinga Trail

There was a paved trail around the pond.

I didn't know there was the exotic fish species problem also there.

A soft shelled turtle surprised us a lot. He was so close to us.

We could see wild alligator also! It was a kind of exciting for me.

He looked like almost dinosaur.

What a colorful hopper was it! It must be one of food chain of great Everglades.

At Flamingo ; Boat tour

We joined the boar tour at Flamingo, to see the wildlife and the mangrove forest.

Do you know that the 'mangrove' means not unique specie but a general term of the plant, which lives at mixed area of seawater and fresh water. I didn't know that.

It was hard to distinguish which part was branch or root, but was very unique.

It was lucky for us to see some American Crocodile. He was bigger than the alligator.

We enjoyed the Everglades's rich nature fully. If you like wildlife or such a kind of things, it is definitely 'must go' destination.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Almost Done

Good bye our big red house.

Our movement's almost done.
She likely was interested to see how they carried the package.

We need to take a rest well.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Start to move in...

Last weekend, we started move in with the smallest stuff except for my daughter's.

The rest of stuff should be handled by moving company this Thursday.

We have to pack all the rest until that, terrible...

My daughter displayed her toys around the window of new house, she is always happy girl.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moving out...

My house's owner lost my house, and it was sold by auction. Then we had to move out again, it was second time for us here Boise.

We felt that was just renting a house. As long as we rent a house, it can be happened such a kind of thing. It's hard to keep forward-looking for us...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cheap Red Wine Review; 3rd set

ROBERT MONDAVI 2005; 2 star

(too sour for me)

FISH EYE; 2.5 star

(sour aftertaste, and a little poor)

ARROW CREEK 2004; 2 star

(a little sour and poor)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Put out buds

She was given a seeding at her school, as one of science study.

It is her routine work to water it every morning.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Not easy rise

Owyhee River, Hatch; Baetis, Caddis, Midge, Hooked; 4 Caught;2

I could see some certain rise in early evening.

Though I tried some baetis patterns, he refused all of them. Maybe the 6X tippet was not sunk well. My next theme is to get the rise in the daytime.

I saw the Baetis spinner. It made me confused to identify what they fed.

I missed a bunch of rise...

After miss hooking using Baetis dun pattern, I got the one eventually.

Although the number of rise increased, that dun pattern was not effective any more.

I got one take by Batis nymph, but missed it because of line break...

The last one was caught by dun again.

To get the rise was not easy, and I had to learn many things. But it was also fun of fly fishing.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Her Watercolor Painting

Recently our weekday, my daughter and I've been able to communicate each other only during breakfast time.

And she eagerly explained me what she did yesterday at preschool and so on.

I was always surprised by her rapid growth everyday. Especially she was likely interested to paint a watercolor. Though my wife seemed to help a part of above pic, yet she made it all by herself for the right pic.

That was a kind of surprise for me!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Summer is here

85F(29C) was observed at highest around Owyhee river on that day. I thought Summer was just here!

I could see several rise in the early evening. I tied midge dry first without hesitating, because I saw many midges there.

I tried bunch of midge patterns, yet there was no take.

I checked drifters again with care, then I found the moving baetis nymph close to surface.

So I change my strategy from midge to baetis.

After several trial and error, it took about two hours, I eventually found the pattern.

They sip tiny baetis dun only.

After I figured it out, I got three luck on the trot.

I took pains to find it, yet I could enjoy whole process. Everything there trained me up every time.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Saturday as usual

We spent together as usual today.

She's become sensible recently, I think. So I could play with her and do a part of housework mutually.

She hoped to ride a bicycle, but had to give it up because of very strong wind.

I'm writing this during her nap.

Smaller catch, shorter season likely this year's Chinook

According to the newspaper's article, this year's Chinook(King) Salmon is also likely severe.

And it was a surprise that South Fork Salmon River is not opened.
But I think I can't but try some times maybe...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Spirit, Technique, and physical strength

I don't know these words can express exactly present my feeling for fly fishing.

But I think I'm getting able to enjoy whole process of fly fishing, not only the result, how big, how many... like that. I would like to behave modestly especially to mother nature.

River; Owyhee , Weather; Sunny just after light rain(54F/12C at highest), Hatch; midge(very small amount), Caught; one

Although it was late evening, there was very little rise because of low temperature. The Spring weather was really erratic, there was huge difference compared with last trip.

I enjoyed to find some rise, but they were very unstable, severe as a target.

As soon as I found one, I casted half sink type midge dry.

Then I got strike as I aimed! He gave me great gratification. Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Midge Dry Game

Owyhee River, Sunny(79F/26C at highest), Hatch: Midge, Caddis Caught: 5,

  1. Today's my purpose was definitely to enjoy dry fly fishing for rise.
I stopped at famous pool, and checked the rise very carefully.

Then I found one, though it looked not stable.

I decided to try there first. After a few casts, I felt something heavy just before I picked my midge dry fly up. Fortunately I had a luck accidentally around 6:30PM, but it was not my target rise...

Although I waited another rise, I couldn't see any. So I moved to upstream.

I had to change the tactics to nymphing, because there was not any rise.

During my nymphing, one fish rose and sip tiny something very close to me! I stepped back slowly with care, and changed it to midge dry fly again.

After changing dry patten several times, he took it finally(around 8:30PM).

He was average, but strong one. Maybe strong flow supported him. I was glad to have it just as I intended.

I could catch three more fish all by midge dry pattern at same side channel. It was about 9:10PM for the last one.

I really satisfied with them. Thanks a lot!