Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We visited my mam in the hospital YAIZU, since she had a surgical operation on her knee. We were glad that it was well done, and she was fine.

After that we went to YAIZU fish market. YAIZU fishing port is famous for tuna.

This shop is my dad's old friends' one. It had fresh tunas and bonitos.

These products of the SURUGA sea were so nice!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unusual Sunday

Special piano lesson at Moto's new house

Their house was so gorgeous and fantastic! We hope we will have such a great one someday...

Violet through the concrete

Wonderful view of Mt. FUJI nearby their house

Shopping at GOTENBA premium outlet

Pre-birthday party for my wife and her mam


is one of Japanese matching games. We can learn almost all seafood materials of SUSHI topping while playing.

I like its color particularly, the paper with colored figures is used.

She is checking actual color and shape through the picture book.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Findings in the rain; 2nd fishing trip to OSHINO

Weather: Just rainy day
Fishing time: 9-13, had to quit it because of heavy rain and muddy stream
Caught: 10 ( 5 Rainbow, 5 YAMAME)

Hatch: Midge, Baetis, ONASHI stonefly
Hit Fly: Pheasant tail nymph, White marabou, Baetis parachute, Midge adult, Griffith's Gnat , Midge parachute, Baetis crippled dun

Though it was raining from the early morning, I didn't change my plan to be there.
First one was small rainbow by Pheasant tail nymph

4th one was fantastic colored bow by White Marabou.

I found several rises just under the bridge, where wasn't affected by rain drops.

And I could land 5 YAMAME trout there by various dry fly! It was a kind of miracle for me. I believe that rainy day and a little colored water reduced fishing pressure.

3rd YAMAME by Griffith's Gnat.

5th YAMAME by Baetis crippled dun.

I usually don't like rainy day very much, but must thank it for giving these YAMAME today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

AKAMADARA female spinner

was on the wall of our apartment this morning. This pic was taken by usual compact digital camera.

I should have used a single-lens reflex camera with new macro lens, but it might be looked so strange. Imagine the man with suit photographing small mayfly on the apartment's wall, before his working time (Actually I didn't wear any suit as usual...).
And it was too big to be carried to the office everyday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too nasty pix... ; 7th fishing on K water system

As most of you guys can easily guess, I couldn't wait until this weekend without checking new lens's performance.
So I headed for the river just after working time this evening.

This first shot was just blurred...

About fishing, all targeted rises were UGUI and KAWAMUTSU's ones. I got three U & K this evening. That was the fishing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Macro Lens

Just treat for myself, I got this lens eventually! I've been thinking of it for a long time.

Though I took only compact digital camera to fishing trip, should have a single-lens reflex camera with this lens next.

Can't wait this weekend!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ladybug hunter

This cap is her trademark as 'ladybug hunter', which doesn't mean real hunter. But it is sure that she loves ladybug.

She found four new species today, most of these must be one of NAMI_TENTO ladybug. We need more detail picture book of insects, and I'm going to find it soon.

It looks like NANAHOSHI_TENTO, but different one.

My dad had given her the paper for the Kite, and she was hesitating to decide its motif.

But today she found it finally.

Now she is looking forward to seeing flying ladybug in the sky.

New camping stuff,

this twin gas burner was added. Because previous one bought in U.S. didn't have any compatibility with gas bottle in Japan.
I would like to give old one to someone, who are going to visit U.S. soon.

By quick functionality check, this works so well! I liked it.

Early Brown again; 6th fishing on KANOGAWA water system

Today's early bird's fishing wasn't bad also. And brown trout surprise again by common parachute one. A little bit smaller than last one, but healthy fish.

Its stomach stuff was various and hard to be identified. But no doubt mayfly's dun and HIGENAGA giant caddis were there. They might give me another hint.

This UGUI sipped X-caddis pattern surely.

I expected that I might catch more though, those two were all. Not easy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


She found this ladybug by her self, when she slipped and fell to the lawn.

She observed it carefully,

and sketched it.

This is SEGURO_SEKIREI, black backed wagtail, just named after its color of back. The color around eye is different from HAKUSEKIREI.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did the early bird catch the worm? 5th fishing on K water system

Not the worm, but this 40 brownie this morning, before working time. He must be escapee from hatchery or somewhere. But it was good surprise for me.

My first trial of early morning fishing was not bad. I would like to keep up as long as my physical strength lasts...

Monday, April 13, 2009

From kawkoi-san,

awesome pix of last fishing trip were sent to me today. I would like to upload more, but check his blog now! I really liked his pix, so nice.

I guess this KOKAGE's dun was matched his CDC dun, when he caught good AMAGO.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walking to the nearby park

together, except her riding bike.

We were still perfect weather today also, like early summer.

It was first to see a small white butterfly for us this spring.

This mallard seemed to be so sleepy.

This left pic itself was not good one though, first shot of TSUGUMI(thrush) for me. It is winter bird here, and likely can be seen from October to May.

A bulbul was sucking nectar from cherry blossom eagerly .

These wagtail were also my first shot. Right one was HAKUSEKIREI(white wagtail), and the bottom was KISEKIREI(yellow wagtail). They did wag their tail so often as its name.

By the way, I opened new label 'Wild Birds' today on this blog. Because I feel that I'm getting a bird freak so quickly.

Piano lesson

We got new electrical piano mainly for our daughter. But it might be good chance for me also.

Today she taught me 'BUN-BUN-BUN', which was from German folk song 'Bienchen Summ Herum'.

It was quite difficult for me to learn collect finger placing at first. But I think that I could master it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


At SAKURA park

We could see not only cherry blossoms but also KOBUSHI magnolia there.

At premium outlet

We did check our new camping stuff there. Our conclusion was ' Need further investigation'.