Monday, November 27, 2006

Zion National Park

The early morning view from the Zion Lodge we stayed. What was a fabulous location!

She liked to sit on the chair.

I really felt that it was warmer than Bryce Canyon because of the elevation difference.

We went to 'The Narrows' trail after breakfast. It was about a half hour walk from the parking lot.

But actually, it was not end of the trail but the entrance to the real Narrows where we had to walk in the shallow river. As you know, we couldn't try that with my daughter because of the coldness, but it seemed to be worth to try.

I like this contrast between the sky and the rock.

We visited the Kolob Canyons after lunch and tried 'Timber Creek Overlok Trail'.

The view from the end of trail.

She took a nap on my back while we wer climbing up.

During this trip, we realized the fun of walking trail in the national park.

Althouhg it was my first trip to the National Park without fishing pole, I think we had a very good time together.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bryce to Zion

Sunrise at the Bryce Point

It was a kind of gorgeous!

After we enjoyed Bryce's morning view and breakfast, we headed for the Zion National Park. It took about two hours from the Bryce Canyon.

'Checkerboard Mesa' and my daughter->

'Great Arch' along the Mt.Carmel Highway.

'Great White Throne' and us->

We stayed the Zion Lodge in the park tonight. It costed a little expensive, but was worth to stay.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bryce Canyon

It was so cold in the morning, as you can see the left pic because of high elevation(about 8000feet/2400m).

The view from Navajo Trail at Sunset Point.

I felt it was almost miracle by nature.

At Agua Canyon, can you see the a little snow left?

We could meet mule deer many times also.

Indescribable sunset at Sunset Point.

Bryce Canyon was famous for its beautiful night sky because of the clearest air in US, so we also enjoyed countless stars in the night. It was so nice to see.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving; Trip to Utah!

This Thanksgiving holiday, we planed a trip to the Utah by car to go Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

The 1st day was for just drive from Boise to the Bryce Canyon, and it estimated over 9hour's drive(over 600miles, about 1000km! one way).

My daughter was excited by the snow in the rest area of highway around Idaho-Utah border.

We enjoyed beautiful Utah's scenery.

We arrived the Motel close to the entrance of the Bryce Canyon around seven o'clock in the evening.

It took about 11hours including lunch time. I thought actual driving time was approximately 9hours.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Boise Steelhead part4; I got it!

I went the P.C. hole just for a change in today's lunch time.

There was a little rain, and no anglers around there.

After several casts, my indicator disappeared slowly. I could hook him. He tugged so strong, and jumped many times. I was so excited, you know!

He wouldn't give up easily and it took at least 15min by my watch to catch him. And he bit not the egg but the nymph.

Though the length was short as the steelhead(24.5inch/62cm), he fought so powerful. Even I used #8 weight tacke, my both arms became numb.

Yes, it was definitely STEEL's tug, I've almost forgot it.
I think my STEEL season has just begun.

My daughter was also excited to see him.

Boise Steelhead part3; change the policy and nightmare...

I changed the my policy to use the indicator, nymph, and egg dropper.

The reason why I changed was that I experienced many short bites to my swinging wet fly and it was difficult to set the hook them.
I thought the carried STEEL was so spooky, and they were so nervous to the any flies. And I believed the indicator could catch short bite easily.

So from this morning, I used the new strategy to catch the first STEEL.

After a few cast, my indicator faded surely. So I set the hook strongly.

I felt the strong tug from it, so I was pretty sure that it was my first STEEL. But I was so disappointed as soon as I saw his face.

He was definitely ugly SUCKER. He didn't bite the egg as a dropper but the nymph.

After that I caught some resident raibow and white fish.

And the last 10 minites to my morning fishing end time, I saw my indicator sank slowly.
I raised my pole a little, then the STEEL jumped up and escaped from my poor hooking!!

Oh boy!!! I should have set a hook so strongly as I do usually!!!

It was really my regret, but I felt my hypothesis was right.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boise Steelhead part2; Woollybugger

I knew the new hole 'G.W.' for me, so it was the closest hole from my office and home. Actually it takes about 15min from my home, and 5min from my office.

Which means I can fish 3times in a day, 1st in the morning until about 9 o'clock, 2nd in the lunch time, and 3rd after 5 o'clock!!

That should be great place for me.

I felt some short bit to my wet fly and streamer, but I couldn't hook them...

The only fish I caught today was resident rainbow. I think it was my first fish by woolly bugger.

Although I couldn' catch any STEEL by any swinging flies, I think I 'm getting better user for them than before.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Boise Steelhead part1; first fish for my swinging wet fly

As you know, STEELHEAD can't reach the Boise River because of the dam in the downstream. So IDAHO FISH & GAME carry them from Hells Canyon to the Boise River close to the downtown by their truck.

The first stock was Nov. 9th, and I tried it after two days.

I chose the P.C hole , and my thema in this fall is to catch the STEEL by the wet fly swimming without indicator.

I felt some short bite to my wet fly, but I couldn't hook them.

Finally I felt certain bite, and hooked it up.

Although it was white fish(14inch/36cm), it was first fish for my wet fly experience.

But it was too weak tug for my new #8 weight tackle...

Monday, November 06, 2006


We celebrated the special anniversary of my wife and me a one day before.

I made a boiled pork rib with beer by my dutch oven.

That tasted yummy!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Memory Game and Cycling again

My daughter took a first place in the Memory Game of Card!

To tell the truth, I was compeletely serious... Is it age problem?

In the afternoon, we enjoyed family cycling again.

I think it is good for us.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Silver Creek again

This is the my 2nd visit to the Silver Creek.

It was just the end of fall or the beginning of winter and there was some ice on the bank.

About hatch, I could see only some of midges. Baetis which I expected was not seen.

Only small but pretty one was caught by my nymph by chance.
I think I never could say that I caught it...

Probably it was my last trip to the Silver Creek in this year.

I would like to visit this river more next year.