Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She was the chief cook

tonight with her new weapon. It was not just a toy, worked well as cooker.

Looked nice and tasted also wonderful. Good job, small chef!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Deer hair material of

BLUE RIBBON FLIES, fly shop of west yellowstone was superb!
It is totally different. Each fiber's quality is far better than the one I bought in Japan. Thank you ICHIGO_san.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#20 parachute

I tried the smallest parachute fly,#20 size tonight, which I've ever tied. Because small baetis parachute fly worked well at last fishing trip, which kawkoi-san gave me at 1st trip to OSHINO this year.

I used hen hackle for this one. I don't know if its floating ability is enough...

For its body, stripped peacock was used.

Anytime I strip its fur, feel a kind of frustration. Because it takes much time. But I like its striped color much, beautiful contrast.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Can't stop going fishing anymore. Yesterday I visited my parents' house for annual baseball game of my junior high school day's club. And today I stopped at OSHINO on the way to home. I mean 'just on the way'.

As the advise from Lance two days ago, I said good-bye to huge fly and looked for the fish near the water surface.

And found three good fish at FUJIKYU hole, good rainbow, nice brown and huge YAMAME.

I could catch only a good rainbow of them, but it was not easy and so exciting game. Final hit fly was midge adult.

Could catch three more bows by sparkling dun and crippled dun pattern.

Moved to USUKUBO_Bridge hole. I found nice YAMAME, rising frequently just close to the left side bank.

Got it! So nice one, and good game!

Likely good timing to set a hook. 7X tippet and midge adult pattern.

Baetis's nymph(floating) was fed selectively. So I did sight nymphing just for a change.

Got five more bows by BH pheasant tail in a short time. It was fun, but big boy was clever...

KAWARAHIWA was singing beautifully.

Moved to S-Bend hole. BWO baetis dun was seen there.

Gorgeous AMAGO trout by BWO dun.

Its length was only 2cm short to SHAKU though, nice golden colored one. Lucky day! Added one more bow there.

Evening at the FUJIKYU_hole again.

#20 baetis parachute worked well with 6X tippet. Got three bows.

17:35, midge pupa and baetis emerger.

This IWANA was a kind of surprise.

KUSHIGE was much fatter than Baetis. I need to tie small fat pattern for the next time.

The evening time of fall was just like TSURUBE_OTOSHI, fast sinking sun.
As a whole, it was good day for me. But I'm also feeling that KUSHIGE's evening is still mysterious.

Friday, August 13, 2010

OSHINO was tough

for me today. Got there before 11AM, lazy Lance...
I thought "terrestrial close the bank" was enough daytime, but it was not so easy today. I could set a hook several times though, couldn't catch any by terrestrial pattern because of shot bite.

My second strategy, FUTASUJI's pattern was not good also. Could catch some, but reaction for it was slower than usual year. Watanabe-san told me later that its hatch peak was two weeks ago... So I couldn't know new fly pattern's effect today.

KAWARAHIWA, Oriental Greenfinch was just taking off after a water bath.

Nice brown ignored my dry fly completely at OSHINO_ENTEI(lowest section). It was my first visit to this hole.

14:13 my late first fish there by FUTASUJI's pattern.
Since it was just reaction bite, I checked its inside of stomach.

YUSURIKA(midge)'s pupa was dominant and some scud. What a poor hatch there is! I didn't want to do midge game today.

Moved to S-Bend hole. Small white KOKAGE(SAHO?) was seen there. And AKAMADARA mayfly was seen also.

#18 PMD last chance crippled dun worked well there. Got three tiny bows.
This is one of their stomach, nymphs(maybe floating?) of KOKAGE and MADARA were there.

17:50 moved to KINDAICHI hole and got two by same crippled one.
Late evening, I was struggling with KUSHGE_MADARA. There were so many rises in the dark, but I couldn't do anything...
Lance, you should be there again soon, shouldn't you?

Because of #4 typhoon approaching,

I had to postpone today's fishing tomorrow.
And tied some flies for tomorrow, actually today.
Good night, sleep tight...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My third trip to YUKAWA

It is time to have your annual fishing trip to YUKAWA, Lance! The following are memorandums for the next year;
  • Get up 4:20, and leave 20min later.
  • Arrive at AKANUMA-CYAYA 5:45.
  • Preparation for fishing, and wear the wader.
  • Take a pic of MOZU, Bull-headed Shrike 5:58.
  • Buy a one-day fishing ticket past 6AM as soon as the shop opens.
  • Move to YUDAKI, and get it started!

Around YUDAKI fall, caught over 5 fishes. Good start.

MONMASU by book-san's form terrestrial pattern.

Hit flies were typical summer terrestrial patterns.

Said good-bye to YUDAKI once.

#14 ELK was also enough.

And this is my first SHAKU brookie, 31cm.

He rose up and sipped my dry fly very slowly.

Thank you for good luck.

HIGENAGA Caddis was the key of this year also.

HIGENAGA's skating on the water surface in the daytime.

I missed a huge one, just under this fallen tree(40 over)...
Be careful with the fallen tree next year, Lance.

See you next year hopefully.