Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2nd fishing trip to TEDORIGAWA river

11/11 Sunday morning 6:06, on the way to picking O-chi up.

13:56 Arrived the river and started pre-inspection.

Yes, we did see there was!

We had good pre-inspection one day before the fishing day.

11/12 4:08 started to wait the reception desk opening in the rain...

7:00 Fishing started, but I missed the golden time, had only one take and line break...

12:36 My late first fish on!(pix were took by O-chi)

Oops, be careful the drop off near the shore, Lance.

Rushed to land.

Nice fish!


Couldn't help dancing!!

Yeah, my fish! Thank you, O-chi!


Good friends, good fish and good time. What more could I want?

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