Saturday, October 13, 2012

FURUSATO project

Today my older daughter and I joined Canon's FURUSATO project , a kind of volunteer activity in collaboration with GRANDWORK MISHIMA. I'm getting into this NPO activity through the SESERAGI walking last week.

10:47 Stated to weed.

11:12 Thinning out greens.

11:55 Planting young broccoli.

12:07 Seeding the field with spinach.

3cm space between seeds.

Walking around during lunch time.

Nice catch by her hand.

13:04 Harvesting Japanese white radish.

I thought I should cook them, and tasted good even uncooked in the field.
She did good job through a day, and likely had fun time there.
I think we should join another activity as long as we are available.

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