Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AI#5 to make the specimen of the stag beetle together

All my action items in summer were done. Good job, Lance.
PS curryman, 2 middle sized MIYAMA stag beetle are both still fine, which were caught in your neighborhood.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Superb brookie!

Memorandoms for next year:
  1. HIGENAGA's appearance is around noon. You should use another fly until that.
  2. The fallen tree is the key for the superb brookie. Don't fish there carelessly.
My annual fishing trip to YUGAWA.
Got up after 4AM and left 4:21.


YUDAKI was still going on.

First brookie, good see you again.

I love this color contrast very much,
especially the dark green and the orange.

I would like to tie your fly pattern by next time.

Need to be identified.
I was a really lucky guy today.

Superb shaku brook trout, perfect condition!
Thanks, god!

Hen OSHIDORI, Mandarin Duck

See you next year.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Green park

I joined them last night in TOCHIGI. We went to the Green park nearby.

These shucks were smaller than ABURAZEMI, must be TSUKUTSUKUHOUSHI.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Super hatch of HIMEKAGERO!

Fishing trip with O was canceled early morning today because of bad weather. But I found the weather around OSHINO would be fine afternoon. So I decided to drop in OSHINO on the way to my wife's parents' house.
14:02 got started to fish.
15:13 beautiful golden brown trout by MADARA para. Good Job!

15:51 2nd one by same pattern.

Likely mixed hatch of Baetis and MADARA.

16:14 PMD crippled dun worked well also as AKAMADARA(my guess).

17:02 4th one escaped just before my taking pic.

17:28 5th one had nice tail fin. Must be wild OSHINO bow.

17:36 nice red band!

18:47 My pic was poor though, HIMEKAGERO's super hatch and crazy rises got started!
Unfortunately I didn't have any white small fly pattern, my small black fly was ignored completely...
So I tied FUTASUJI's crippled dun, which hatched intermittently.

18:51 It gave me a 7th luck. Thanks!

18:55 1st brown in the evening.

19:00 brown again.

19:04 Wow three consecutive brown as 10th.
I would like to tie of HIMEKAGERO's pattern soon.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I liked this brown and black grizzly hackle very much.
Please give me a luck tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cloudy OSHINO; #22~24 parachute only

I didn't have any fishing plan today. But I got up very early morning, and my wife & daughters were already gone to their grandpa & grandma' house. Let's go, Lance.

8:12 arrived at FUJIKYU
Terrestrial pattern didn't work well.

9:04 first fish with messy
Small parachute worked well.

9:39 released small one just upper of KINDAICHI bridge.

Moved upper, and there were several rises for small mayfly.
I still kept same small parachute.

10:16 released 3rd good one.

12:35 after countless mistakes, got one.

13:01 5th one was small hatchery fish. 

17:10 moved to FUJIKYU for evening.
Many fishermen were seen around KINDAICHI.

The rise itself was poor this evening at FUJIKYU.

17:57 Joyful first evening fish after long time silence.

18:23 last one was hatchery YAMAME.
I'll be back soon.