Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Dad, I can't wait for the bus any more.

Let's go!

I was a kind of umbrella stand.
Kind of funny.

You had good time, sweetie. Let's join it next year also.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Camera was back

It costed 29,610yen to repair it.
Not cheap price but I decided to fix it. Welcome back, anyway.

While it had been repaired, I have used this old one.
 I found it still works well and how to take better pic than before.
They should be chosen as the case may be.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pre-birthday dinner

She was cooking something yummy for her sister would be two tomorrow, using sweet potatoes which she harvested yesterday.

After sunset,

it got ready to eat. Looks nice, sweetie!

Sparkling wine for adults, thanks to SAZAEMAN's fami.

Drunk a little too much...

Basil from backyard.
She loved marshmallow especially.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

IMOHORI, digging sweet potatoes

We got invitation from my parents, it is good to dig sweet potatoes in their garden. Yes, let's!

Did you get some?

Likely you did.

Seemed to be good harvest so far.

First time to run a cultivator for them.

Too much!!

BD present two days before

This is from me to you, sugar will be two year's old after two days. It reminded me of the birthday  present seven years ago to my older daughter, who would be two year's old. I gave her a pretty colored swatch in US, and she lost in San Francisco soon... Anyway I'm glad that you seem to like it very much. Thank you for just being fine, and have lots of fun time together.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

FURUSATO project

Today my older daughter and I joined Canon's FURUSATO project , a kind of volunteer activity in collaboration with GRANDWORK MISHIMA. I'm getting into this NPO activity through the SESERAGI walking last week.

10:47 Stated to weed.

11:12 Thinning out greens.

11:55 Planting young broccoli.

12:07 Seeding the field with spinach.

3cm space between seeds.

Walking around during lunch time.

Nice catch by her hand.

13:04 Harvesting Japanese white radish.

I thought I should cook them, and tasted good even uncooked in the field.
She did good job through a day, and likely had fun time there.
I think we should join another activity as long as we are available.

Monday, October 08, 2012

One fall day

Her today's chore was to take care of her younger sister
and to pick the basil in our garden.

Your mam must cook yummy pizza with them, good job sweetie.

KOMURASAKI was getting dark purple.

We enjoyed BBQ with SAZAEMAN's family.
Hope they had good time too.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

SESERAGI walking

Let's walk around MISHIMA city along the beautiful spring creek
called 'SESERAGI' route. 14:16 started to go down to the south. 

This is my favorite bar, if you are interested in it please visit there.
(Of course, we didn't be there today, it is day time...)

14:37 south of RAKUJUEN.

15:01 We would like to visit this cafe just along the river next,
which was introduced on TV program recently also.

BAIKAMO, so lovely.

Fun to walk along the river's edge.
15:25 took a rest at small rest space.

For a while, kingfisher!

Yes, you were right.

If you would like to see BAIKAMO flower as first priority,
visit BAIKAMONOSATO first.

It was located the opposite side of SANO museum.

16:58 between MISHIMA TAISYA shrine and MISHIMA station.
Violet color of morning glory was so impressive in the evening.

It was good walking for us all today,
we think we'll be back soon again. See you then.