Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One night of TOUJI; Thank you, my real friends

It was TOUJI, the winter solstice today. In Japan, we usually eat the pumpkin and take a hot citron bath for sound health of family all.
By the way, I had a YAKINIKU party with my fishing friends today also. It was my best party of this year.
To tell the truth, I've been depressed so much recently, because of my serious failure. Actually I lost one of my friends whom I spent same time in Boise, because of it.
They, my fishing friends said, " Lance, you were definitely wrong, but basically it takes two to make a quarrel. You must think it over well, but don't worry yourself about such a trifles".
I was really, really encouraged by their advise. Thank you my real friends, and I would like to be a man whom you guys want.

Saturday, December 04, 2010


We had a festival for her seven years of age today with her both grand parents today.

And it was her first visit to the local shrine also.

We loved it.

SU-ENAGA(Long-tailed Tit)-KU!