Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Frost Columns in spring

It was a kind of unusual cold morning yesterday. But the weather report says that it'll be getting warm from this weekend.

Though I had plan to go there for a half day research next week, getting almost impossible... Were those days only my short spring days?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From friend of my friend,

these hot pix were sent to me.

Steelie, nice buck!!! Good job, K-san!

He likely caught this one at upper stream of Salmon river ID.

It reminded me of something strong feeling before.

I once changed the title of this blog to "Lance's favorite" after back to Japan, but changed to the current one again. Because I thought I shouldn't forget everything I saw and experienced there in Boise ID. Yeah, it was definitely special place for me. If possible, would like to visit there again. And to Montana and Oregon and...

Anyway, thank you for sending these nice pix, K-san.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Can't help going fishing...

Today was the last holiday as temporary single life for me. I was so exhausted by two days all fishing trip though, couldn't help going there... Just crazy, Lance...

Since I got up late, arrived at first hole around noon.

This is one of Japanese native fish, OIKAWA, Freshwater Minnow.

That's it. Don't ask me anything, guys.

Said good-bye to KANOGAWA around 3 o'clock because of strong cold wind.

As just an addition; KIROKAWAKAGEROU's dun. First time to see there for me.

Let me try it soon on warm day again. Now my new goal is to catch SATSUKI by lure and SHYAKU_AMAGO by fly so far.

Keep going, Lance.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


is sea-run AMAGO trout. Today, I grabbed the lure fishing rod after so long interval, and went to KANOGAWA mainstream to catch SATSUKIMASU with Mr. Gold and YZ-san. It was 4th fishing trip to KANOGAWA water system for me.

ISOHIYODORI, Blue Rock Thrush welcomed us. Hope this blue bird give us a good luck.

My first cast gave me this fish NIGOI, Barbel Steed. So strong tug! I thought might be SATSUKI...

YZ-san hooked huge wild rainbow, looked like 50cm class.
But it had gone just in front of him breaking his line. Goddess!

Congratulations, Mr.Gold!!

This may be SATSUKI or MODORI. What a glamorous body it is!

I hooked two good AMAGO in the morning , but couldn't catch them....

It was warm spring day. We had nice lunch there.

And it is my turn.

My first memorial SYAKU_AMAGO!
Please bite my dry fly next.

It was so exciting and fantastic trip for us today. I had a new understanding of the lure fishing. It was so effective method in searching wide range quickly.

Friday, March 26, 2010

OOKUMA was hot; 2nd trip to OSHINO

First of all, it was wonderful day except two big mistakes for big boys.
Arrived there about 11 o'clock, and OOKUMA_MADARA mayfly's hatch got started around noon. Total 5bows were caught by the imitation of OOKUMA. What a lucky day it was!

Every time first fish is special.

Hit flies for OOKUMA was; Crippled dun, Floating nymph, Parachute Emerger. Every pattern worked well.

It was cloudy with occasional sunny.

Beautiful silver one.

Around 2 o'clock, the baetis' hatch has come after OOKUMA.

Lots of baetis' dun were seen there.

This colored bow was by baetis' pattern also.

Moved to the upper of KINDAICHI bridge from FUJIKYU hole.

And it was today's surprise. Please forgive my adding many pix of same fish. But it was one of the most beautiful brown trout which I ever caught.

So healthy and wild one, loved it!

Although I was so satisfied with these fishes so far, I stayed there waiting HIGENAGA. And I added two more fishes by its imitation.
Anyway, a lot of thanks to a goddess of fly fishing!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It was not

KOMADORI but a MISOSAZAI, Wren. My rough guess was wrong.

One of bird experts gave me a suggestion and I agreed with his identification. Needs more effort, Lance. Keep going.

Monday, March 22, 2010

1st trip to OSHINO this year

It was first day of my temporary single life today. Gone fishing to OSHINO with kawkoi-san. So nice sunny day it was.

SHINAGACHOU; not wild bird but a domestic fowl, must be escapee.

Unknown small brown bird which had beautiful song. I hope that it was Japanese Robin, KOMADORI.

This is my late first fish which was rising for one of baetis just close to the bank of other side.

Small but precious one for me.

And this is my last one in the evening, caught by huge fly imitated HIGENAGA Caddis.
Thank you for everything, and please forgive my selfish behavior, kawkoi-san.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walking around in the spring

Since we got up early today, went out for walking around neighborhood.

We did see the Common Kingfisher, KAWASEMI at that river! A kind of neighbor, isn't it?

Because of its strong cautiousness, we couldn't approach any more. But she was so excited to see it, because it was her one of most favorite birds.

Hello, the ladybug.

One of HIRATA mayfly species' nymph. You should check your fly box, Lance.




Just a color of spring.

We love here so much.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost skunked; 3rd try for KANOGAWA water system

Only 2 hours were left for this trip also.

Checked the upper section though, there is no reaction for dry fly. I thought a little colored water might affect their activation.
So moved to downstream.

Maybe a Black-faced Bunting, AOJI. If so, it was my first shot of it.

Still it kept silence with dry fly, after moving downstream. So I added a PT nymph as a dropper.
Then it gave me first and only luck.

I love these red spots very much.

I found that the water color and level affected them so sensitively.

My spring of this year has just begun now.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

According to

my short 2hour's research, four pretty ones' presence was confirmed surely.

That river's healthiness was more than I expected.
I'm so happy to live here in MISHIMA!