Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bike season should be started

"Dad, fishing season closes today, so you should ride on bike like me from October". I got it, sugar!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last chance and the accident

General trout fishing season will be closed tomorrow.
Today's my theme was to fish very carefully to complete this season.

Wow,  you had been there! Couldn't catch you though, glad to see you first time this season.See you next spring, please.

And you were complete new finding for me. Your hole was difficult to drift my fly naturally, but try to see you again.

I didn't catch any fish so far though, fishes likely were conscious of the surface. I felt it would be a good fishing day today. But it happened suddenly.

I slipped and fall into the water completely! And my cherish camera got wet and not responded any more... Oh my..............

Once I thought I should stop fishing, but decided to go home and take another camera(First EOS KISS digital).
Resume fishing after lunch with old camera.
Lance, forget it and take your time as you like.

Long time no see, thank god! (fly:Black EHC)

Check the final section as last.


By Light Cahill.Thanks, again!

Please grow up more and bite my fly surely next spring.

Sunset with complementary color

Light dark blue and orange looked like nice complementary color. Fall might be in full swing now.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Because of rain, our older daughter's sports day was postponed to tomorrow. Which meant she could join the concert of her piano class today. In addition to her piano performance, our younger daughter seemed to sing a song with her sister. And she kept silent through the rehearsal. Are you OK to perform this afternoon?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

3rd strategy was...

Let's change the fishing time to 15:00-16:30 today.
I thought it would be better than the last week,
because we had moderate rain and it was getting cooler little by little.

No reaction for #14 brown parachute(curved shank),
changed to big one #10 stimulator, because there was no sign of mayfly.
I couldn't imagine that such a tiny you could bite #10 fly.

The rice harvest time is coming soon.
Which means that trout season will be closed soon also, next weekend.
Now I'm thinking how to finish this season. I'd like to harvest something good to...

Friday, September 21, 2012


It is not the airplane but the brand name of backpacking stuff. I'm being hooked on this brand strongly. I liked its functionality, design, cost performance, and the origin of its name 'OSPREY'. And we were born in same year! I'm wondering when is the best time to get it...

Monday, September 17, 2012

SYRAH Vielles Vignes

My wife's selection was matched with my preference tonight.
SYRAH Vielles Vignes 2009: 4stars

And matched with home made pizza well also.
Thanks, honey.

Soap bubbles on the ground

We found that the soap bubbles was familiar with the wet ground today.

The middle of three is our house.

Bubble maker and crasher...

Good job, sweetie!! You are fantastic bubble magician.

An aftertaste of crayfish fishing

She loves to check how crayfishes are doing. 

This wine red colored fishing line was used for crayfish fishing yesterday.
It reminded me why I selected this color of the line about 15years ago.

It was matched with this Bass fishing pole's color, which was presented to me from my girl friend when I was university student, who will be my wife later.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crayfish fishing

Speaking of ZARIGANI(crayfish), you might imagine only fishing net is enough to catch.
But sometimes fishing pole, line and bait are very effective, especially for the hiding one in his hole.
Fish on! Very excited!!

He was the biggest one today, who was hiding in a side hole deeply.
I should improve the fishing tackle much better.

Change the strategy

This morning, based on my assumption,
I changed the strategy for that river.

HIGANBANA( a cluster-amaryllis) was seen first time this year.

Fishing toward downstream method didn't give me any superb effect.
But got some new findings and some bites.
Some mayflies were popped out this morning, might be one of HIRATA species.

I got skunked completely 6-8AM fishing, and now I reached the conclusion.
Let's check your new assumption, Lance. Hopefully, soon.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


It's cloudy today though, we played around Mt. FUJI this weekend also.

Arrived there and had rice ball lunch.

13:27 Let's get started.

Today's destination was NISHIUSUZUKA mound.
Should be taken 20min one way for adult.

Still she likes taking pix.

Might be deer's work.

O-Oh! This north route didn't work now likely...

Then let's take the south route 13:44.

She was fine at first.
 Too soon!

14:29 Got to the top of  mound.

It reminded me that Japan was Shinto country.

Leaves were getting ready for autumn.

I didn't know that this mound was made by the volcanic activity also.

Are you ready for autumn also?

15:14 Mt. HOUEI was seen clearly this time.
We found that such a short trekking made us family all happy.
What's next?