Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last chance and the accident

General trout fishing season will be closed tomorrow.
Today's my theme was to fish very carefully to complete this season.

Wow,  you had been there! Couldn't catch you though, glad to see you first time this season.See you next spring, please.

And you were complete new finding for me. Your hole was difficult to drift my fly naturally, but try to see you again.

I didn't catch any fish so far though, fishes likely were conscious of the surface. I felt it would be a good fishing day today. But it happened suddenly.

I slipped and fall into the water completely! And my cherish camera got wet and not responded any more... Oh my..............

Once I thought I should stop fishing, but decided to go home and take another camera(First EOS KISS digital).
Resume fishing after lunch with old camera.
Lance, forget it and take your time as you like.

Long time no see, thank god! (fly:Black EHC)

Check the final section as last.


By Light Cahill.Thanks, again!

Please grow up more and bite my fly surely next spring.

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