Monday, April 30, 2007

Cheap Red Wine Review

I would like to review the cheap red wine which I tasted. This is only based on my preference , and not for all people but just for my memory. In addition, I'm not also good wine commentator.

Review for 1st set;
1. dog house: 1.5 star
3. BERINGER: 2.5 star

5 star is the best in my rank.

2nd set;
4. MERIDIAN: 3 star
5. BLACKSTONE: 2star
6. MIRASSOU: 5star!

Now, I'm looking forward to 3rd set.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday Market

Annual Saturday Market in Downtown Boise seemed to have started since last Saturday.

That is one of our fun to walk through it. There is fresh Vegetable, Cheese and some Industrial art etc.

When we went there today, it was really nice, comfortable weather.

I felt I need to walk downtown sometimes, not only along the river...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now is the time to resume my trout fishing

Since I said good bye for my spring steelhead fishing, I've been thinking of the time to resume my trout fishing.
I have no destination except Owyhee in Oregon now, because almost all major river basin in Idaho is closed until the Memorial Day.

The trout fishing itself is after an interval of about three months from the last one, and the last trip to Owyhee was over half year ago. On the way there, everything I saw recalled sweet(sometimes bitter) memory to my mind.

As the general fising report, there was no rise when I arrived there.
Although I saw some midge's shuck close to the bank, I decided to try nymphing first.

My precious first one was by the Brassie. I was pleased to see you(17inches/43cm)!

The second one was a kind of surprise for me.
It was 21inches/53cm Rainbow, and first species caught at this river except Brownie for me.
My San Juan worm gave me a luck.
When I released it, it was getting dark. In a short time, I found the certain rise just in front of me.

He refused the Griffith's Gnat several times. So I changed it to a
bit suspended one.
Then he took it! But he was hooked off soon... Maybe my timing to set a hook was not good.
Though it was only regret not to catch by dry fly, I was happy to see some trout again today!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Her bike practice

We had a time to spend almost a whole day yesterday.

So we headed for her favorite park near our house wiht her bike. Her riding skill was getting better.

Although it was cloudy, she enjoyed herself in that park.

Maybe I should also start biking to enjoy spring day.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cheap Red Wine

Recently, I've started to drink Red Wine instead of Beer. One or two glasses per day are fine for me.

The reason why I started was just for my own health, especially to increase beneficial cholesterol.

In this pic, they were all less than $10.

The right one was not so good, but I liked the center one. I'm looking forward to trying the left one next.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Four B-Runs, All Native

In the last trip, I leaned the followings;

1. Landing Net was necessary for the B-Run Steelie
2. Chest bag was obstacke for double handed rod casting
3. Sink Tip line which I bought was too heavy for that river
4. Swing method was not good now because of low temprature
5. It was painstaking job to catch the B-Run by #8 single handed rod

My solution for each was;

  1. I bought cheap but large net
  2. I also bought new fishing vest ( a little expensive... Forgive me, honey!)
  3. I also bought the floating line(spey line)
  4. the same as 3.
  5. Use the double handed-rod more frequently not for swinging but for nymphing
When I arrived the South Fork of Clearwater in the morning, I could see several steelies in the shallow. Although I paid attension not to threaten them, it seemed that I did.

I also tried swinging because I felt the water temp was not so cold. But nothing in the mornig.

I got sure strike wih double handed one with nymph around one o'clock afternoon, and felt strong tug. But my knot to the fly got loose, and I missed it. Gosh!

I used #8 single handed one just for change, then there was Steel's take after three o'clock. Though I took a great pain because of her so strong tug, I landed well with the new net by myself!

She was so healthy and beauty one(36inches/92cm), and was native one also. Can you see her unclipped adipose fin?

She bit my nymph surely, it is the same one as before.

I got the second one with double handed system just after I released the first one. It was first steelie with my #9/#10 double handed one. I felt It worked much better than #8 single rod for B-Run Steelie.

Although she was 32inches/82cm length, it looked like small just after I saw the first one. She was also native one, and fly was big egg pattern.

The 3rd one was caught just around 17:30.

She was 34inches/86cm, and the native again. The fly was same nymph as first one.

This unclipped adipose fin was the proof of the native not the hatchary one.

The last one bit the eggleech pattern. I couldn't measure her exactly because she escaped from me, but it looked like over 31inches/80cm at least. And she was native too.

What a great day was today! I cought four native B-run Steelie in a day!! I thought I've alomst done all what I wanted to do in spring steelhead fishing.

Maybe it is time to come back to trout fishing.