Sunday, November 27, 2005

So tired

Yesterday, I decided to go South Folk after long time. Because I felt expectation of big rainbow. And I got up too early naturally, left home at 6:30AM.

Although I knew it might be a little snow, actually snow was getting heavier on the way to South Folk. So I had to give it up to go South Folk, because my Outback didn't wear snow tire. I left the free way and turned back the way I had come.

Three hours later, I arrived in O river. It was first experience for me to try this river in the morning. Some part of river was frozend! Too Cold today.

Although there was hardly any rises, I found some one in the upper stream hole(almost same as 11/11's hole). I decided to fish here.

I missed a bite to midge spinner once, after it there was no reaction to dry fly. And I tried almost evry pattern I hit upon, but there is nothing either. Finally I was given advise from another angler, and I caught this fish(17inch/43cm) by San Juan worm pattern.

After this fish, it began to blow harder and it hailed! I had to give today's fishing up.
I was really worn out today.


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