Saturday, November 12, 2005

Beautiful Brown

Today Hide & I managed to finish work in the morning, and burn for the O_River. We haven't gone fishing together since August.

On the way to the river, many cows were crossing the road. Was it a movement from ranch to ranch?

Althouth it is Friday, there wasn't a few fishermans. So, we had to pass some my favorite holes.

We found a good hole in the upperstream. It was new hole for me.

I found the small rise, and I casted midge parachute. The fish bit it surely, and I caught hook it well. That was very beautiful Brown Trout. Though size was not so large(16.5inchs/42cm), I was satisfied with it very much.

I added the one good fish(17inch/43cm) using same pattern. This fish's fight was so strong & clever. It hided under the weed over and over again. As a result, hook was bended.

After this fish, many small fishes were caught. I was disappointed a little.
On the evening, big fishes gathered in the shallow area, and they ate someting.

I tried again and again. Finally I caught a beautiful one(16.5inchs/42cm).

Hide, thank you for taking my photo. He also caught some good fish today. We spent a good time.


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To ながっぱ こめんとさんきゅ。ちなみにこれ鮭じゃなくて、Troutなのでよろしく。こっちにいるうちに、鮭にも挑戦します。