Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Spring Tide at OMAEZAKI

Last weekend of August, we spent at my parents' house. Since it was the spring tide today, we decided to go to OMAEZAKI seashore. It took about 30min from their house.

One of its features is there were several rocks, which means good hiding place for the wildlife in a sea.

She was exciting to see the hermit crab with her grandpa.

Today's my best caught was this fish. It was not easy to catch. Others were crab, hermit crab and small shrimp... bunch!

She released them with her younger cousin.

It must be good last summer day for them today.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Though last weekend was the last one which I could spend as temporary single, I had no chance to go fishing because of bad weather.

Instead of fishing, I could see this mayfly's dun at my apartment. I thought it was male SHIROTANIGAWA_KAGEROU mayfly by its two tails, body size(about 10mm) and its color. He seemed to belong to HIRATA_KAGEROU's family.

I put him into plastic case to see its final ecdysis to spinner.
But I missed that moment, since he did it during my shower time.

After I moved him to terrace, he flew away by himself. I hope he gave me good inspiration for fly tying.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Curved shank parachute

Curved shank may be looked like emerger or something.

This dark one looks close to terrestrial?

Amount of Z-lon as shuck should be decreased, I think.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Midge, even summer; 11th trip to OSHINO

Today was the day that I returned to NUMAZU. For several reasons, my wife and daughter will stay one more week her parents' home.
Then one idea occurred to me, which I can stop by OSHINO one the way to NUMAZU.

I left there about 3:30AM, and arrived 7:00AM. Even it was summer now, many midge spinners were flying there. And there were some rises for them.
I decided that 'Midge' game was today's main theme for me.

Although my first target was good YAMAME trout, another one took my fly first.
This bow was caught by #32 midge pupa. #20-#26 size were all ignored or just sniffed...
But always, first fish gave me joy!

At the second hole, I found nice YAMAME trout which were feeding something on the surface.

I don't know how much time I spent for him...
But my #24 midge adult pattern got him at last!

He was gorgeous boy!

His stomach was midge, KOKAGEROU(baetis) 's nymph, small stonefly's nymph, and FUTASUJI's dun.

Afternoon; One good size IWANA trout was my target. #16 mahogany dun pattern attracted him, but not enough... After that I had long rest time.
Evening; I got three small bows by rusty spinner #18 and para spinner #18. I believed those rises were for KUSHIGE mayflies.

I think it was good ending of my summer vacation.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

YUKAWA River; Jewel of Creek

NIKKO YUKAWA was not so far from my wife's parents' house here. It took 1.5hours approximately.

As Kawkoi-san's advise, I started to fish at the upper hole first. Even it was before 7:00, there were several fishermen preparing their stuff.

This brookie was my starter today. My ant pattern did work well this time. What a pretty one was it! Now I knew the reason why the brook trout was called 'Jewel of creek'.

This hole should be busy by a sightseer in a day time, but it was quiet in the early morning.

3rd one was by hare's ear nymph. Their spotted pattern was different by each.

Trees, glasses and moss plants, every green relaxed me a lot.

6th one was also caught by ant. He was a good fighter.

I changed my plan to half day fishing today, because was so satisfied and fed up with bunch of people...
But it was definitely good day for me anyway.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Vacation in TOCHIGI

I joined my wife's parents' house at the beginning of this week, and will spend about one week with my family.

My daughter's first routine in a day is to pick blueberries with grandpa. See this amount! They are fresh and good to eat.

She can see many cicada's shells in the garden too.

TSUKUTSUKU BOUSHI cicada, this name is related to its song.

KAJIKA fish in KINU river.

Cool water of KINU river made us refreshed in a hot day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Yellow & Partridge; First Wet Fly tying

These were my first try for Wet Fly tying. This Yellow & Partridge pattern looked like simple and easy for me. The number of needed tying material was only two!

But simple was difficult, especially in point of the balance.

Kawkoi-san gave me advise about attachment of the wing, 'Practice makes perfect'. Yeah, just do it to get improved, Lance.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Shade was key; 10th trip to OSHINO

Wow, it was 10th anniversary today. I'm still on the way to the Fly Fisher, I think.
Since I could get up early, starting time was around 10AM today. It was first try in the morning summer days.
At first hole, my target was good one in the shade under the tree.He'd just sniffed my fly...

But I got this good brownie at the 2nd hole. He was in the shade like 1st hole.
Hit fly was #8 black terrestrial, bought in US. I didn't know its name exactly.

I saw several hatches of mayfly.
According to Watanabe-san's information, it likely was TOBIIRO mayfly. Size was almost #14.
And this brown #14 crippled dun pattern gave me a second luck.
Don't forget my peacock beetle! He worked well and brought 3rd one for me. Three fishes in the morning, not bad start for me.

It got a little cloudy this afternoon.

Their reaction for ant pattern was not good...

Since I saw several FUTASUJI's hatch, I tied its crippled type as a kind of routine.
It worked well today also! This beautiful bow was also in the shade.

Again, it worked well. Shade was today's key. I thought my roll casting got better little by little.

Since I was satisfied with today's game and got tired, I left earlier than usual without late evening game.
And my summer vacation has just begun.

Terrestrial with Peacock

As a first step for terrestrial one, simple peacock material was a starter.

They were not beautiful yet, let me upload it just as record.

I would like to try the form material next.

By the way, Futasuji's one was improved just a little bit, regarding the balance, wasn't it?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Match the F's hatch; 9th trip to OSHINO

Since I had to change fly line to new one, renewed the reel also.

I liked it, design and functionality, everything was fine!!

As a terrestrial pattern, royal wolf was today's best bet. I hooked some, but couldn't catch them.

I could see some FUTASUJI's hatch today also. So I changed my fly to its imitation without hesitation.
My FUTASUJI crippled dun worked well!!

See his one in stomach. He seemed to like FUTASUJI.

Every time I came here recently, I saw this beautiful misty scene almost same time in a day.

This evening I decided to ignore KUSHIGE, major hatch, and use same pattern. It gave me a lot of strike.
Though I could catch only three more fishes because of mis-hooking or something, I was so happy to see good reaction for my FUTASUJI's pattern.

Tying for FUTASUJI

This is my first try for FUTASUJI crippled dun. Hook size is #10!

Maybe golden wire should be added to its body.

They, big parachutes, are also tied as FUTASUJI's spinner. I found this pattern on the web though, they are far from original...

Anyway, I'm ready for FUTASUJI' hatch now.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

FUTASUJI ; 8th trip to OSHINO

Today's my departure time was around one o'clock, so starting time was around three.

Which meant that I could expect terrestrial game today. But they just sniffed it, not easy...

I was surprised by the number of FUTASUJI MONKAGEROU mayfly's spinner. I thought its dun's color was better than spinner as my preference.

This is KUSIGE MADARA's spinner. Its size was close to #20.

Mahogany thorax dun #18 gave me first luck as an imitation of KUSHIGE.

Several fishes was hooked by rusty spinner pattern after that.

I agree that KUSHGE was dominate late evening, but FUTASUJI's intermittent hatch was stood out. I might need to tie FUTASUJI's pattern.