Saturday, August 02, 2008

FUTASUJI ; 8th trip to OSHINO

Today's my departure time was around one o'clock, so starting time was around three.

Which meant that I could expect terrestrial game today. But they just sniffed it, not easy...

I was surprised by the number of FUTASUJI MONKAGEROU mayfly's spinner. I thought its dun's color was better than spinner as my preference.

This is KUSIGE MADARA's spinner. Its size was close to #20.

Mahogany thorax dun #18 gave me first luck as an imitation of KUSHIGE.

Several fishes was hooked by rusty spinner pattern after that.

I agree that KUSHGE was dominate late evening, but FUTASUJI's intermittent hatch was stood out. I might need to tie FUTASUJI's pattern.

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