Tuesday, July 29, 2008

IZU MITO Sea Paradise

Two weeks ago, we had a oppotunity to visit IZU MITO Sea Paradise.

Major reason was she missed a chance to be there as her kindergarten's activity, because of fever.

So she was excited from the beginning.

As her lucky, she was requested to be a kind of model. You might find her pic on their website.

Pretty angel rings!

He was amazing jumper, good job!


Mariale said...

Hi! I came through your site while browsing for some info about Mito Sea Paradise. I would like to bring my nephew their on the 18th of this month, the day after his birthday. It'll be my gift for him. I'm from Numazu, by the way. If you could please give me the details on how to get there on train, then bus, etc... Or did you purchase a package ticket?

african said...

Hi mariale, no we didn't.

we were there by car. But according to their web site, you can reach there by train & bus.

1. To go IZUNAGAOKA station from MISHIMA by IZUHAKONE railway.

2. To use bus from IZUNAGAOKA to Sea Paradise. It seems to take about 20min.


I hope it can help you.
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