Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just for change; SUSONO Fishing Park

Since my wife and daughter had gone to her parents house last week, I've been thinking to do something different. But even today was Sunday, I had to go to office. Terrible days recently ...

No, don't give it up, Lance. I should have some time in the evening after work. So I made up my mind to visit SUSONO Fishing Park just for change.

The most advantage was its location. It located between my house and office. It took only15min from office actually. What a amazing place is it!

There were two ponds and one river, and I picked one clear pond as first try. My fishing time was from 18:15- 20:15 because of 2h ticket.

According to its manager's information, AKAMADARA mayfly's spinner and the hatch of HIGENAGA caddis and flying ant should be expected.

So I tried ants parachute pattern first. But their reaction was not good.
After changing to AKAMADARA parachute pattern, I got some strike.

I was very surprised by healthiness and powerfulness of fish!

As it was getting dark, HIGENAGA's movement got activated. It was fun to see, a kind of good learning for me. And some of its imitation pattern did work.

I think I caught over 5 or something, hard to count exactly... Their average was over 20inches(50cm)! My right hand was numbed completely...

If I have next time, I'm interested in daytime fishing.


Tommy said...

しっかり日曜も行かれたんですね。チャンスを逃さない姿勢、さすがです! しかも2hでそんなにたくさんでっかいのが釣れるとは。。。まるまるしてて強そう。フィッシングパーク、侮れないですね!


african said...