Monday, July 30, 2007

Falls Campground; South Fork of the Snake River, Day2

This morning, I'd decided to wake up early and fish until 8 o'clock. I got up about six actually.

Though I expected good reaction for dry fly on the surface, not good. The dropper didn't work either.

Then I hit upon something. Let's try streamer just for change.

After several casts, I got surely take during swinging the corn head one. It was first catch by this pattern.

About 14inches/35cm, Yellowstone Cutthroat

After we left the campground, we found the scenic fall to the river.

Nice view from the top of that fall.

We swam a little in the river. It was a little cold, but was a kind of comfortable. Especially my daughter was so happy to get in the water.

I was happy to see native cutthroat, though I couldn't catch them by dry fly at 'Queen of the dry fly' river.


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