Friday, July 20, 2007

Henry's Fork of Snake River; Day1 Beginner's Luck

Henry's Fork of Snake River, it must be one of dream places for whomever like fly fishing. I thought it was too difficult for me to challenge. But my fishing friend changed my mind.

I met him, Ichigou, at Tekapo of South Island NZ at first time, through my friend Curryman. I heard he planned to visit there with his friend. It sounded for me that it might be first and last chance to go there.

I made a final decision to go there just one day before, for the reasons of my own work. I left my house just four o'clock in the morning, arrived there about nine thirty after 5.5h drive. It located in Eastern Idaho.

We met together second time after 6 years interval. It sounded funny because we've never met in Japan.

According to their information, we could see some rises only around Wood Road and Pine Heaven, and it sounded so tough condition because of its high temperature. So we tried first between Wood Road and Piny.

Look this beauty! I was happy only to see it.

Although I did see some good fish there, almost no rise.

So they decided to move to Pine Heaven, it likely was good place to find fish due to high Cliff.

There was only small one's rise, but I did see big boy's moving. It looked like he was feeding nymph so often in the water.

I tied PMD parachute and #16 pheasant tail dropper based on their advise.

I casted so many times for him, but he didn't seem to be interested in that. I was about to give it up over and over again.But I couldn't. Because he looked so nice for me.

After 1hour try, I didn't know exactly how long it took but I felt it took at lease one hour, lead fly looked like stopped and sank. I set a hook strongly, then something struggled.

I wondered 'Did I hooked him really?'. But It was true. Wow what a lucky guy am I!!

But I got so nervous after I saw the tippet and leader got tangled. I felt it should cause line break. He ran so strong regardless of my concern. So I took pix of him before I missed him.

It was definitely beginner's luck at Henry's Fork to catch him.

He was marvelous for me.

20inches/51cm, Buck

I needed to have a nap before evening, because I got up so early today, about three o'clock.

The view at Wood Road in the evening. Though there were several good rises there, I couldn't have any luck by dry fly.

I met Kawkoi-san there first time. He gave me a lot of things as a expert for everything. I would like to write the detail later.

Next step should be to get one by dry fly.


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