Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wood River Campground; Daughter and Father's first overnight trip

I'd decided already the first camping destination this year. It was a 'Wood River Campground' along famous Big Wood River. According to my estimation, it should have take about three hours one way. And Ketchum resort sightseeing must have been one of our fun, since we'd never been there. Then, Big Wood River had been one of my fly fishing destination, it would be first visit for me. I wished a little I had a fun with the Green Drake's hatch.

However, that morning, we had a kind of accident. My wife caught a bad cold and likely was not able to go camping. I thought we had to give it up to go there today.

But my daughter never would like to give it up. And she said, 'I wanna go camping today, even mom can't go there .' I asked her, 'Which means, can you go there and spend night with me only?' She answered 'Yes, sure daddy!'. Though I asked her twice, her answer never changed...

Wow, I wondered how to do that. However I decided to try that. It was definitely our first overnight trip.

About 11:20, we left Fred Meyer buying some food stuff. And we reached the destination just after 3hours.

Her first job was helping to post the fee envelop. Not bad start.

My first job was to cook our late lunch.

It was typical American Hot Dog. Our starving made it good one.
Although I had to do all preparation for camping by myself, I could feel good with her.

Then it was fishing time! Small trail led us to the river soon.

She'd been looking forward to fishing with me.(It is not my bullshit, guys!)

She was doing so hard.

There was no major hatch and rise, so I had to give the Green Drake's one.

Though I got several attacks with a kind of attractor, I succeeded to set a hook only one. He was so fast that I couldn't loose my left hand's line before he rushed. Then I got my tippet break, gosh!

I saw his awesome body, especially his red band was marvelous...

We enjoyed camping night.
I thought she did so well for everything today.

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