Monday, July 16, 2007

Glacier View Campground; Redfish Lake near Stanley

Camping is now a kind of weekly summer event for us. This week's destination was the Redfish Lake near Stanley, which was one of the most popular destinations in Idaho.

The right pic was taken on the way to Stanley.

Thought we couldn't make a reservation beforehand, fortunately we found some room on that day. Its name was Glacier View Campground which was not located along the lake shore, but was close to.

One pretty doe welcomed us there. She looked so tame.

We did boating in the lake this time.

She likely couldn't wait until getting in the water.

The lake shore was just beach in the mountain.

Everybody looked like enjoying their own time.

A glass of wine made our supper better. The menu was sauteed fresh vegetables(from Meridian Saturday Market this time also), steamed corn by my dutch oven, and pork and chicken by charcoal grill. The cooking itself was my routine job at camping.

I think I'm getting better little by little. The best one on that day was the steamed corn because of dutch oven's magic.

We did fly fishing a little after supper around the outlet of the lake.

Only tiny one(whitefish?) was caught, but beautiful stream gave us a fun.

I thought the night and morning should be so cold there near Stanley, but it was just comfortable. I slept with T-shirts in my sleeping bag.

Totally camping itself was nice there except fishing this time. But now, I'm looking forward to next camping destination.


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