Friday, August 31, 2007

Grinell Glacier from Lake; Many Glacier

Our third try to see the Moose was still going on this morning.

We could see awesome sight instead of the Moose.

But we still needed to see the Moose...

The boat Cruise through the Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine made us excited.

This pic is the second ride at the Lake Josephine.

It was first time for us to see sipping bear.

It looked brown but species was likely 'Black Bear'.

After trail hiking, we could see the Grinell Glacier from the Grinell Lake.

On the way to be back, he gave her chance to handle it.

We stayed the Many Glacier Hotel that night.

It was a kind of classical good one.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Move to Many Glacier

We headed for Many Glacier from two medicine today.

It took about two hours by drive, not so far. After we found the camping space, we visited the ranger station to ask the best spot for watching the Moose.

Next we visited the Many Glacier Hotel and bought a boat ticket for tomorrow.

Then we did trail hiking to see the moose. Our first destination, FISHERCAP LAKE, had nothing.
This pic was close to second one,RED ROCK LAKE. It took about 1.5hours(1.3mile/2.1km) one way for us. My daughter walked very hard this time, I think.

At the RED ROCK LAKE, we could not see any Moose also.

We were back to the campground, and took the quick supper. It was Japanese lamian this time. I felt almost full.

We did go to the FISHCAP LAKE again this evening. We saw Deer's family though, no Moose again.

We hoped tomorrow must be...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Logan Pass and Camping at Two Medicine Lake

Today was moving day from Lake Macdnald to Two Medicine via Logan Pass by GTTS(Going To The Sun) Road.
Logan Pass Visiter Center

He was awesome RAM.

My daughter found them first. Good catch, sweetie!

I liked this contrast.

We tried to the trail to Hidden Lake Over Look though, gave it up halfway... She did walk by herself very well.

Two medicine Lake. We did camping there, and it was first one at the natioal park for us.

My wife's idea was great. It worked well for us.

Arrived Glacier; Lake MacDonald

She collected pretty stuff this morning.

We left that campground about eleven in the morning. I felt sleepy a little by shortage of sleep, but the blue sky gave me an energy.

After entering Montana, we did see some wood fire still. But smoke influence was not so severe like this pic.

After about 5 hours drive, we did reach the West Glacier Entrance finally. We had to pay $25 as entrance fee which was effective a week, since our annual national park pass was expired last July.

We checked in the Apgar Village Lodge which was close to Lake MacDonald, and had quick supper at the picnic area.

She was getting better to throw a stone. We could have enough sleeping time that night in warm room.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Depature to the Glacier; Wilderness Gateway Campground

We'd planed to go the Glacier National Park as our final long trip this year, which located in Montana and Canada.

Sunday, we left home about 11:15. After 300miles drive, we arrived the Wilderness Gateway Campground around 17:00, which was along the Lochsa River and about 30minutes drive east of Lowell ID.

One of reasons that I picked it first place to stay was to see the Westslope Cutthroat at this famous river. But I didn't have a time to do that...

This campground itself was well equipped though, the space for tent looked a little small. Even our small tent was almost marginal.

Because of our arrival time, we had to start cooking as soon as possible.

Main dish was Japanese curry with chicken by my Dutch Oven. Although It was good, it needed more time to be heated maybe.

She helped us to clean the stuff up a lot.

That night it was colder than I imagined. My wife and daughter take precautions against the cold well, but I didn't.

I should have brought ski wear or something anyway...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Three mistakes... Flav was prime!

South Fork of the Boise River Temp; 81F(27C) Hatch; Caddis and Flav Time; Evening Only Hooked; 8 Caught; 5 Flow; 1720cfs

It'd been getting cold these days. I felt summer was coming to the end.

I tried the Hopper first, but it didn't work this time. I felt the reaction for hopper was a little worse than last year.

After moving usual hole, I could see good Flav hatch and many rises.

As a result, I missed two 20inchers one and one over 20inches after hooking(Oh my...) though, I got several good one.

18inches/45cm by Flav dun #14

I liked his jaws, he stayed and rose very close to the bank.

17inches/44cm by Flav dun#14

Beautiful and good jumper!

Last one was 18inches/45cm by Flav Cripple #14. It rose so close to the bank, and was quite hard to be caught by strong stream.

The rises to the Flav dun was continued to the dusk.

And about nine o'clock was time to end up fishing now. It was about 21:30 a week ago.

Now I miss the summer a little bit...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Unusual Saturday

Finally, we skipped our weekly camping this week for several reasons. 1st, we all were almost worn out . 2nd, we had to prepare for our last big trip next week.

My daughter and I cleaned our tackle first. She helped a lot.

Then it was her turn.

We played Japanese karuta together.

After supper, we took a walk to the park.

She was getting very good biker!

They enjoyed tennis also.

Yeah, it was relaxed and nice Saturday for us.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A little Cheap Red Wine Review; 9th set

From this set, the price range jumped up a little bit to $10-$15, since I'd covered almost all wine less than $10.

RODNEY STRONG '04; 4.5 star
Snake River '02; 3.5 star

RODNEY STRONG was my favorite!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hopper and Flav

South Fork of the Boise River Temp; 99F(37C) Hatch; Caddis and Flav Time; Evening Only Hooked; 5 Caught; 3 Flow; 1730cfs

Recently, I'd been satisfied with match the hatch fishing for Caddis and Flav.

But do I forget anything? Yes, I got no fish with Hopper yet. I think Hopper is just synonym of the summer here. Let's try it today!

I missed first take for Hopper... It looked like good one...

But I did catch the second one.

It wore just wild bow's color! He jumped so strongly.


I liked this hole especially as Hopper fishing.

After that, I moved to my favorite rise hole.

As I expected, there were some Flav dun. But its number was not so many.

This was my first one by Flav dun#14.

About 16inches/40cm, good jumper also.

I found the good one's rise. He rose just in front of big rock.

After several casts, my fly was out of his lane just a little bit.
But he chased and took it!!

He was a kind of super fighter. It took a long time I felt.

He was really wonderful, gorgeous one. Maybe should be called 'slab'. I liked him very much.

19inches/49cm; so healthy!!

After I released him, I decided to finish my fishing today. It was unusually about one hour before sunset. Yes, I was so satisfied today.

I'm proud of this river and should think great deal of it.