Monday, August 13, 2007

Switch from Caddis to Flav

River; South Fork of the Boise River Temp; 96F Hatch; Caddis and Flav Time; Evening Only Hooked; 8 Caught; 5 Flow; 1740cfs

It was beautiful day.

When I arrived usual hole, I found several good stable rise. There were actually Caddis and Flav. Then I bet Caddis first.

It was right.
19inches/48cm by X-Caddis #16 Rise fishing

He was so strong and wild!

Major hatch was switched from Caddis to Flav. And I did see fish fed Flav dun surely. So I changed the fly pattern from Caddis to Flav dun. Then I got a surely strike!
18inches/46cm by Flav Dun #14 He looked like sick.

There were a bunch of Flav Dun, so rises were continued to the dark.
I got some fish also. Now Flav is getting prime!

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