Sunday, August 12, 2007

Garden Creek Recreation Site; Upper Big Lost River

Our weekly camping was still continued this week also.

The concept of this week was close to Ketchum for my wife, and different river from Big Wood River for my self.

Then I picked the Upper Big Lost River up for this week's destination.

It took about three hours to Ketchum from our home. And keep going to the east. After another an hour with dirt road drive, we arrived the Garden Creek Recreation Site.

It was the fee free site. Though there was the rest room, no water.

And strong wind made us a little nervous, especially my daughter.

After setting up camp, we started to prepare our supper. It was close to 5 o'clock.

The main dish was the New York and Rib Eye steak by charcoal grill.

I liked them!!

After the supper, it was fishing time as usual for us!

He was my first brookie in US! Tiny but pretty one.

As usual also, we had a wine and baking marshmallow time. We loved that.

This night was good timing to see meteor stream. We checked a table of constellations carefully, and could see many shooting stars!!

It was so often, about once in a minute.

Yeah, it was definitely fantastic time for us.

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