Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Three mistakes... Flav was prime!

South Fork of the Boise River Temp; 81F(27C) Hatch; Caddis and Flav Time; Evening Only Hooked; 8 Caught; 5 Flow; 1720cfs

It'd been getting cold these days. I felt summer was coming to the end.

I tried the Hopper first, but it didn't work this time. I felt the reaction for hopper was a little worse than last year.

After moving usual hole, I could see good Flav hatch and many rises.

As a result, I missed two 20inchers one and one over 20inches after hooking(Oh my...) though, I got several good one.

18inches/45cm by Flav dun #14

I liked his jaws, he stayed and rose very close to the bank.

17inches/44cm by Flav dun#14

Beautiful and good jumper!

Last one was 18inches/45cm by Flav Cripple #14. It rose so close to the bank, and was quite hard to be caught by strong stream.

The rises to the Flav dun was continued to the dusk.

And about nine o'clock was time to end up fishing now. It was about 21:30 a week ago.

Now I miss the summer a little bit...

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