Sunday, December 30, 2007

4th Birthday Party

I joined my wife's parents' home today.

My father-in-law prepared this special Shochu 'MAOU' for our daughter's birthday. It likely took three years since he ordered it. Can you believe it?

She had great time. Happy birthday!

Monday, December 24, 2007

TENRYU river again

Today, the last day of consecutive holidays, I thought I should return to Numazu in early morning.

But something brought me to the TENRYU river again. I guess I felt something was missing in the yesterday's fishing result.
I used #6 tackle today also, since the long cast was needed at this hole.
I arrived there about 11AM. It was tough condition there today. I got late first small one around 2PM.

2nd one,21inches/54cm, was very good fighter.
Sammy-san helped landing and took this pic for me. The fly was his original killer pattern 'LTM'. It worked well there. Thanks, Sammy-san!

3rd one, 21inches/53cm, was also strong.

I decided this one should be the last one today, and left there around 16:30.

Next year's annual season pass must be needed for me.

*annual license; 4,000yen one day license; 1,500 yen

Sunday, December 23, 2007

TENRYU river C&R section

Book-san, my dad's colleague and crazy fisherman, invited me to the TENRYU River Catch and Release section to enjoy fly fishing.

That was the reason why I stayed at my parental home last night.It was my first fly fishing after back to Japan.

As you can see in the right pic, there was a kind of crowded.
It seemed to be the best method to use nymph and indicator there.

Thanks to Book-san's great advise, I got beginner's luck there in the morning.

It was not wild but hatchery fish though, its bigness pleased me a lot(24inches/61cm).

I couldn't catch any additional fish in the afternoon, but had a good time there. Thank you again, Book-san.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Solstice at my parental home

I went to bed about 4AM and woke up at 1:30PM. What a nasty single life...

After some housework, I headed for my parental home in the evening for some reason.

It was Winter Solstice(Toji), the shortest daytime in a year, today. So my mom prepared a hot citron bath and the pumpkin boiled with soy sauce and sugar, as Japanese traditional custom,

We Japanese believe these keep us healthy from long ago.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Single Bell

Since my daughter finished her first semester of her kindergarten, she and my wife went to her parents' house prior to me today.

I likely should enjoy my temporary bachelor's life. I have three consecutive holidays from tomorrow.