Monday, December 24, 2007

TENRYU river again

Today, the last day of consecutive holidays, I thought I should return to Numazu in early morning.

But something brought me to the TENRYU river again. I guess I felt something was missing in the yesterday's fishing result.
I used #6 tackle today also, since the long cast was needed at this hole.
I arrived there about 11AM. It was tough condition there today. I got late first small one around 2PM.

2nd one,21inches/54cm, was very good fighter.
Sammy-san helped landing and took this pic for me. The fly was his original killer pattern 'LTM'. It worked well there. Thanks, Sammy-san!

3rd one, 21inches/53cm, was also strong.

I decided this one should be the last one today, and left there around 16:30.

Next year's annual season pass must be needed for me.

*annual license; 4,000yen one day license; 1,500 yen

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