Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The power of hopper!

I wanted to try huge terrestrial pattern in O_river through my experience of being robbed indicator.

When there was no rise, I tried the beatle dropper(bh copper johns). But nothing...
I change them to huge hopper pattern with dropper(bh brassie).

There was huge splash!! I got it! Though the size was average, it was valuable one for me! Because it was first time to catch fish by hopper in O_river.

Next one was more impressive. I casted the hopper tight to the bank, and it was dropped on the water after touching the weed.

Then he attacked soon with large splash!! That was beatiful male one.

After that, I added one more fish by the same pattern. Hopper fishing was so exciting! I should have tried earlier.

In the late evening, I caught rising small one by Trico spinner. I could see the midge and was bitten by mosquito. It was wonderfuly day.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

First Camping for us

We tried one night camping around the lake which located upper stream of O_river.
We enjoyed everything, because all things were first time for us.
Especially my daughter was pleased with the tent.

We tried fishing in the lake from the shore. Although there was nothing, we had a good time together.

We were surprised by the the beauty of the stars in the night sky. We knew the real meaning of 'twinkle'. That was spectacle!

Next morning, I did fishin in O_river. That was first time for me to fish early morning there. There were some good stable rises, and they ate spinner surely. I hooked one good one, but the tippet was broken... I missed it

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Indicator was robbed!

Today I had a some tactics in O_river.

1. Ant
I had realized there were so many ants, and I had found them in Brown's stomach before.
I tried ant pattern around the bank tightly while there was no rise, but the river was still quiet.

2. Indicator was robbed
Then I change the fly to the nymph with yellow yarn indicator(my favorite). When I drifted them in the shallow close to the bank, there was huge splash suddenly! It was surely trout!
He aimed my yellow indicator, it was robbed by him because rubber was already damaged and easy to be torn. Though I did hooking reflexively, my pole wasn't bent.

I couldn't believe it, because it jumped so high! Although I looked into my fly box, there was nothing like huge terrestrial pattern. I left it in may car...
I tried caddis pattern which was biggest one I had then, but there was no splash.

3. Late Evening Spinner
I changed the hole looking for stable rises. I tried sppiner pattern there, so there were some strikes. But I missed them...

As a result, I got skunked. But I could see the impressive scene! I hit on something for the next.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nymph and Spinner

Synopsis: In the late evening, threre were some stable rises and PMD spinner was effective. BH nymph was effective in the day time(early evening).
Weather : Sunny, sometimes a little windy Water : 277cfs, still colored(like cafe latte)
Hooked: 3 Caught : 3
Today's object :
1. Catch the fish under the no rise situation(80% achieved)
2. Approaching and Casting carefully without giving caution to the fish.(50% achieved)
3. Observation with care, and match the hatch(70% achieved)

I tried double nymph dropper, because there was no rise.

It bit BH-brassie. Size was average, but it was precious first fish for me caught without rise these days.

Though I expected a more fish with same one, it didn't continue biting.

I got good male which was rising by PMD spinner.(18inches /46cm) He looks like snake a little?

But I couldn't get another two stable rises. Fly pattern or approaching was wrong? Maybe both.

Last one was also by same pattern.(18inches/45cm)

Saturday, June 17, 2006


We took a travel to Seattle first time. It was also first challenge for us to drive long time with our little daugter. Actually it took 8.5hours one way by car. I was almost worn-out...

First evening in Seattle, we watched MLB game Mariners vs. Giants. Japanese player(Ichiro & Jojima) did very well, so we were really excited. That was nice game, and Mariners won by 5-4. Though I saw Bonds's home run, I was surprised by the boo for him.

Next morning, we went the market in the downtown. There were many shops; seafoods,fruts, vegetables etc. They all looked fresh, so we bought some.

We also enjoyed stylish cafe, it was good time for us.

Next, we went the aquarium. I was glad to see the chinook salmon in a glass tank. Unfortunately we couldn't see that they are going upstream.

This photo is fish ladder for them. Can they go up really?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I hooked them, but...

Synopsis: They are still selective and nervous. Rises are unstable.
Weather : Sunny, sometimes a little windy Water : 277cfs, colored
hooked : 4, caught : 1(21inches/54cm, good looking male)

When I arrived O_River, there were no rises. So I decided to try nymph first. Though there was no reaction for non-sinker PMD nymph, I had a strike for BH brassie. It tugged so strong, and ran downstream soon. After it stopped, it was hooked out... I looked up at the sky. I missed a big boy.

After a while, I could see some rises. But they are so nervous and selective. Although I hooked the one by PMD dun, missed it again!

Finally I could land good one by PMD emerger. It was valuable one for me, because I experienced two hooking miss just before.
His stomach was full of PMD spinner(almost all were white). Should I have use dry spinner pattern? I don't know.

And I couldn't see rises very much, then I moved last hole.

There were several rises, and I hooked it by Phesant Tail. But I missed it! This was third time!

There were still some rises, but they were unstable. I had to give up them, when the rise ended completely.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So selective...

Synopsis : There were PMD’s everywhere and not a consistent riser to cast to.(quote from Anglers Habitat's June 15th report)
Weather : Sunny but sometimes so windy Water : 277cfs, colored
Result : 3 fishes( almost average size)

1st one; 18:57 PMD emerger in first hole

Sight around the last hole

2nd one;

21:48 PMD dun in the last hole

Last one ;

22:06 PMD dun(not hooked around mouse)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fun day in Eagle

We participated the fun day in Eagle. We were looking forward to 'Wet & Wild parade'. It was good weather for it.

We especially my daughter enjoyed it. She shot by her small squirt gun many times.

I got soaked a little, because I approached the car and attempted to shoot them. People looked so enjoyable!

Friday, June 09, 2006


I couldn't help fishing again to clear myself of disgrace.

I thought they were feeding something under the surface judging by their rises. So I tied PMD emerger without hesitation.

Size was average, but I was glad to catch it!

The emerger was dominant in its stomach.

I caught him soon by same pattern(18inches/46cm beautiful male).

Though I landed two fishes at the same hole, there still was a rise.
I tried it by same pattern, then it attacked it.

It tugged so strong, was good size 20inches/51cm. I could catch three fishes at the same hole within 30minites. So lucky!

I found another rise a little upper, and had a luck again(18inches/46cm). After that, I changed the hole because I couldn't see any rises

There weren't so many rises in the next hole, but I could see some.

They seemed to feed something under the surface, so I tried PMD emerger again. But they ingnored it. Then I change it to PMD dun.

It seemed to be a good choice. I got 20inches/51cm good fish. It looks a little skinny, but fighted strongly.

I was pleased with today's harvest.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stomach Pump

I bought a stomach pump to know insects much more.

Today I only landed only one fish in spite of check its stomach. I think the reason is that I had a fixed idea through previous successful fishing.

Though there were many PMD emergers in its stomach, I believed PMD adult was dominant judging by a few them.

Although there were many rises in the late evening, I couldn't have any luck because of my misjudgement. Fishing is not easy...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Best result in O_river

I traveled to the O_river in the evening again. It was so sunny today. Water was still colored, but it seemed to become a little better. And it flows under 300cfm.

When I arrived there, there were not anglers very much. But there was hardly rises either. I stopped a car, because I found a few rises near the bank.

I could see some PMD hatch, then I tried PMD dry fly first.


I caught the first fish by PMD parachute. Size was average, but I was happy to catch it.

I had hard time to catch the second one. Because he ignored my fly so many times, but he continued to eat PMD on the surface.

Though I tried PMD, PMD parachute, he didn't have an interest in them.
I noticed the actual size of hatching PMD was bigger than my fly size.

Then I changed it to PMD spinner which looks bigger than the others. Finally he bit it!! I felt very excited.

He was beautiful male brownie.(19:27, 18inches/46cm)

After it, there was sedom rise. So I once gave dry fly, tried nymph and attracter as a dropper, walking to upper.

But nothing happened, no reaction. On the return way to my car, I found the one rise. I caught small one by PMD.(20:28)

I changed the hole, and decided my favorite pool as a last hole today.

There were some rises there and I felt bite to my dry fly. But it was not hooked. I miss a few times.

21:29 22inches/56cm female
But finally, I could catch the longest one by PMD spinner. I got it, it was my new record of brown!!

After that I saw so many rises. It was already dark, but still fishable. Of course it was hardly possible to quit fishing for me.

21:56 I caught beatiful male one by same one also. It was about 17inches.

I casted again because many rises were still continued.

22:01 21inches/54cm good male

I had still luck. I was fascinated by his nose and mouth.

I could catch total 6fishes on this evening. Iwas satisfied with not only the number but also contents.

It became great day for me.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Birds of Prey

Today we had a lunch and went to bird of prey center and dedication point with Mr. & Mrs. M. As you know, Boise is famous as the sanctuary for birds of prey.

Weather was so good and we saw a few birds of prey at the dedication point. It was a little difficult to catch them by the binoculars.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Market on Saturday

We went the Market in Downtown Boise on Satuday first time. My wife's friend K guided us.

There were many shops which treated foods, arts, and wines. It was fun for us. My daughter tasted the cookie with much honey so many times!

After seeing, we had lunch together at GOLDY'S. It was typical american restaurant and usually so crowded. Fortunately, we could enter without waiting so long time.

I tried salmon cake, and it was good! I found the new one in american food for me.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Fishing Trip to O-river after 4.5months

I went O-river after5, because flow shows under 1,000cfs. Last fishing trip there was Jan. 16! Long time no see.

I couldn't have enough time for fishing because of evening shower, but could catch good one(18inches/46cm).

Though I missed two, it was enjoyable for me! Fishing season had started!!