Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I hooked them, but...

Synopsis: They are still selective and nervous. Rises are unstable.
Weather : Sunny, sometimes a little windy Water : 277cfs, colored
hooked : 4, caught : 1(21inches/54cm, good looking male)

When I arrived O_River, there were no rises. So I decided to try nymph first. Though there was no reaction for non-sinker PMD nymph, I had a strike for BH brassie. It tugged so strong, and ran downstream soon. After it stopped, it was hooked out... I looked up at the sky. I missed a big boy.

After a while, I could see some rises. But they are so nervous and selective. Although I hooked the one by PMD dun, missed it again!

Finally I could land good one by PMD emerger. It was valuable one for me, because I experienced two hooking miss just before.
His stomach was full of PMD spinner(almost all were white). Should I have use dry spinner pattern? I don't know.

And I couldn't see rises very much, then I moved last hole.

There were several rises, and I hooked it by Phesant Tail. But I missed it! This was third time!

There were still some rises, but they were unstable. I had to give up them, when the rise ended completely.

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