Friday, June 09, 2006


I couldn't help fishing again to clear myself of disgrace.

I thought they were feeding something under the surface judging by their rises. So I tied PMD emerger without hesitation.

Size was average, but I was glad to catch it!

The emerger was dominant in its stomach.

I caught him soon by same pattern(18inches/46cm beautiful male).

Though I landed two fishes at the same hole, there still was a rise.
I tried it by same pattern, then it attacked it.

It tugged so strong, was good size 20inches/51cm. I could catch three fishes at the same hole within 30minites. So lucky!

I found another rise a little upper, and had a luck again(18inches/46cm). After that, I changed the hole because I couldn't see any rises

There weren't so many rises in the next hole, but I could see some.

They seemed to feed something under the surface, so I tried PMD emerger again. But they ingnored it. Then I change it to PMD dun.

It seemed to be a good choice. I got 20inches/51cm good fish. It looks a little skinny, but fighted strongly.

I was pleased with today's harvest.

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