Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Best result in O_river

I traveled to the O_river in the evening again. It was so sunny today. Water was still colored, but it seemed to become a little better. And it flows under 300cfm.

When I arrived there, there were not anglers very much. But there was hardly rises either. I stopped a car, because I found a few rises near the bank.

I could see some PMD hatch, then I tried PMD dry fly first.


I caught the first fish by PMD parachute. Size was average, but I was happy to catch it.

I had hard time to catch the second one. Because he ignored my fly so many times, but he continued to eat PMD on the surface.

Though I tried PMD, PMD parachute, he didn't have an interest in them.
I noticed the actual size of hatching PMD was bigger than my fly size.

Then I changed it to PMD spinner which looks bigger than the others. Finally he bit it!! I felt very excited.

He was beautiful male brownie.(19:27, 18inches/46cm)

After it, there was sedom rise. So I once gave dry fly, tried nymph and attracter as a dropper, walking to upper.

But nothing happened, no reaction. On the return way to my car, I found the one rise. I caught small one by PMD.(20:28)

I changed the hole, and decided my favorite pool as a last hole today.

There were some rises there and I felt bite to my dry fly. But it was not hooked. I miss a few times.

21:29 22inches/56cm female
But finally, I could catch the longest one by PMD spinner. I got it, it was my new record of brown!!

After that I saw so many rises. It was already dark, but still fishable. Of course it was hardly possible to quit fishing for me.

21:56 I caught beatiful male one by same one also. It was about 17inches.

I casted again because many rises were still continued.

22:01 21inches/54cm good male

I had still luck. I was fascinated by his nose and mouth.

I could catch total 6fishes on this evening. Iwas satisfied with not only the number but also contents.

It became great day for me.


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