Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last fishing '08

As last fishing in 2008, I headed for Big Rock Fishing Field today. It took only 50min from my wife's parents' house.

One of my purposes was to try various method of fly fishing.

This YAMAME trout was caught by midge dry fly, Griffith's Gnat #20.

This heavy one was hooked by marabou streamer with indicator.

Its tug was so strong, and attracted other fisherman's attention during fight.

This beautiful red bow was the last one by huge stone fly nymph pattern(22inches/55cm).

It was a kind of dramatic, because she was hooked up just after the closing siren bell rang. And several fishermen helped me to land her.

Even on stocked fishing pond, I learned many things today. During off season, I would like to visit other pond just for fun.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Huge Temp. difference

Just two days later, since we were back to NUMAZU from OKINAWA, we moved my wife's parents' house in TOCHIGI.

Which meant we had huge temp difference in a few days, almost over 10 degree!

This rose kept its beauty even in tough coldness.

Frost columns formed on the ground this morning.

Though it was so cold outside, we spent warm time inside with our family together at end of this year.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Last day in OKINAWA

Today as last day there was moving day back to NAHA city from north.

On the way, we stopped at several spots.

8th one of the World Heritage in OKINAWA; Katsuren-jo site

Famous as AMAWARI's residence, who held out against the king until the RYUKYU kingdom became stabilized.

Sight around KAICHU road(road over sea). This car was the one we rented. It cost only 1,8000 YEN for 6days. Prices there seemed to be cheaper than around Tokyo.

9th, last one of the World Heritage in OKINAWA; Nakagusuku-jo site

Famous Commodore Perry likely was surprised by its high technical level of stone wall construction.

We finished this trip with SORA-BEN, box lunch which was sold at only airport. It was totally great trip for us, much better than we imagined.

If we have another chance, would like to enjoy swimming in the beautiful sea next time.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

CHURAUMI & Christmas ; 5th day in OKINAWA

Today was the day to visit CHURAUMI aquarium all through the day.

One of its features was that all fishes there were caught in OKINAWA only.

Manta was my daughter's most favorite one.

Biggest shark in the whole world , JINBEI-ZAME . There were three in huge tank.

She was enjoying seeing through the big acryl arch with lazy lying...

We joined special tour which we can look them down. Tour guide women's explanation was so polite and easy to understand. It was precious experience for us.

Tonight we had special dinner to celebrate Christmas and her birthday. We had good Christmas night in OKINAWA, it was just first 'warm' Christmas for us.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We've done a lot!; 4th day in OKINAWA

Today was moving day toward north from NAHA city.

6th one of the World Heritage List in OKINAWA; Zakimi-jo site

Its stone wall was great, especially I was surprised by high technical level of stone arch.

Production of sugar from sugar cane. We loved its taste and bought some pack as souvenir.

View from ZANPA cape, which had a highest lighthouse in OKINAWA.

Famous scenic spots, Manza-mo. Looking just elephant's nose, isn't it?

Cloudy days were dominate during our staying there, but it was precious sunny day today.

At BUSENA cape, we did enjoy seeing fish through glass of boat and tower in water.

7th one of the World Heritage List in OKINAWA; Nakijin-jo site

It was just before sunset, when we arrived there.

Look its unique shape of stone wall.
We could go and see many places today. So tired as a driver...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seifa-utaki, Shikinaen; 3rd Day in OKINAWA

4th one of the World Heritage List; Seifa-utaki

Most sacred place in OKINAWA, everything looked awe-inspiring.

This green snail was new to me.


It was first time to see the limestone cave for my family. My wife was happy to enjoy it, but my daughter was scared of it.

BINGATA-ZOME , traditional dyeing of OKINAWA

They, in particular my daughter liked to experience it.

During their work, I strolled through the site. There were many traditional buildings, and they were good object for me to take a pic.

On the whole OKINAWA world was better than I imagined, because I thought at first it was just commercial facility for sightseer.

5th one of the World Heritage List; SHIKINAEN

It likely was used as resort house for royal family and their guest.

AWAMORI, unique clear liquor in OKINAWA, was so nice to me.

Monday, December 22, 2008

NAHA Sightseeing; 2nd Day in OKINAWA

This hotel RAKUCHIN in NAHA city was so reasonable, we liked it. If you don't mind its location, please let us recommend it without hesitation.

One of our themes in this trip was to visit 9 places, which was placed on the World Heritage List in OKINAWA. So today was first day to do that.

1st one of the World Heritage List; Sonohyan-utaki Ishimon( Stone Gate of the Snohyan Shrine)

This likely was the place to pray for the King's safe trip.

2nd one of the World Heritage List; Shurijo Castle

I think it was most outstanding in world heritage of OKINAWA.

Construction Style, custom and culture etc., totally different from Japanese castle. It seemed to be strongly influenced by Chinese. I didn't know that China appointed the man to King of RYUKYU kingdom.

We took a rest at cafe, which was famous for BUKUBUKU-Cha(tea). It was so unique and healthy.

3rd one of the World Heritage List; Tamaudun( Tomb of successive royal family)

GAJUMARU tree covered it and created holy atmosphere.

TAMAYA restaurant gave us yummy SOBA lunch today.

Soup itself was lighter than yesterday's one, and maybe better than it for me.

We prayed for a peace at Peace Museum and Tower of HIMEYURI this afternoon.

About dinner, CHURASAN-TEI was today's restaurant.

UMIBUDO seaweed was so nice, perfect ending of 2nd day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our First Trip to OKINAWA

We had big plan at the end of this year to visit OKINAWA.

Today as first day was just moving day though, we were so excited by everything.

At HANEDA airport, we found favorite cafe 'NENRINYA' which was famous for its Baumkuchen. It was so nice to eat, so please try it if you had a chance.

Because of beautiful weather. We could see a distant view of our city NUMAZU from the airplane. Meandering KANO river was easy to be found.

Our first destination in OKINAWA was DEN-SOBA, because so starving...

We loved OKINAWA-SOBA so much. Superb balance of juicy pork rib and light flavored soup.

We picked YUUNANGII for dinner. RAFUTE( Simmered pork rib with sweet soy sauce), Deep-fried GURUKUN(fish) etc., everything was fine.

This GOYA CHANPURU was my wife's best bid tonight. It was good start as first day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I was surprised to see her now December.

I seemed to be ERUMONHIRATA mayfly's female dun. Her body size was about 12mm, looked bigger than what I saw before.

KOKAGEROU's female spinner on car bonnet.

For several reasons, I can't have time to be there now. But these mayflies remind me of fishing anytime. Give me a chance!