Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We've done a lot!; 4th day in OKINAWA

Today was moving day toward north from NAHA city.

6th one of the World Heritage List in OKINAWA; Zakimi-jo site

Its stone wall was great, especially I was surprised by high technical level of stone arch.

Production of sugar from sugar cane. We loved its taste and bought some pack as souvenir.

View from ZANPA cape, which had a highest lighthouse in OKINAWA.

Famous scenic spots, Manza-mo. Looking just elephant's nose, isn't it?

Cloudy days were dominate during our staying there, but it was precious sunny day today.

At BUSENA cape, we did enjoy seeing fish through glass of boat and tower in water.

7th one of the World Heritage List in OKINAWA; Nakijin-jo site

It was just before sunset, when we arrived there.

Look its unique shape of stone wall.
We could go and see many places today. So tired as a driver...

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