Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our First Trip to OKINAWA

We had big plan at the end of this year to visit OKINAWA.

Today as first day was just moving day though, we were so excited by everything.

At HANEDA airport, we found favorite cafe 'NENRINYA' which was famous for its Baumkuchen. It was so nice to eat, so please try it if you had a chance.

Because of beautiful weather. We could see a distant view of our city NUMAZU from the airplane. Meandering KANO river was easy to be found.

Our first destination in OKINAWA was DEN-SOBA, because so starving...

We loved OKINAWA-SOBA so much. Superb balance of juicy pork rib and light flavored soup.

We picked YUUNANGII for dinner. RAFUTE( Simmered pork rib with sweet soy sauce), Deep-fried GURUKUN(fish) etc., everything was fine.

This GOYA CHANPURU was my wife's best bid tonight. It was good start as first day.

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