Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last fishing '08

As last fishing in 2008, I headed for Big Rock Fishing Field today. It took only 50min from my wife's parents' house.

One of my purposes was to try various method of fly fishing.

This YAMAME trout was caught by midge dry fly, Griffith's Gnat #20.

This heavy one was hooked by marabou streamer with indicator.

Its tug was so strong, and attracted other fisherman's attention during fight.

This beautiful red bow was the last one by huge stone fly nymph pattern(22inches/55cm).

It was a kind of dramatic, because she was hooked up just after the closing siren bell rang. And several fishermen helped me to land her.

Even on stocked fishing pond, I learned many things today. During off season, I would like to visit other pond just for fun.


David said...

The rainbow has very nice colors, especially for a stocked fish. It looks like a wild trout. Omedito!

african said...

Thanks, David. I loved its color too. I'm missing wild rainbow in US now.