Monday, December 22, 2008

NAHA Sightseeing; 2nd Day in OKINAWA

This hotel RAKUCHIN in NAHA city was so reasonable, we liked it. If you don't mind its location, please let us recommend it without hesitation.

One of our themes in this trip was to visit 9 places, which was placed on the World Heritage List in OKINAWA. So today was first day to do that.

1st one of the World Heritage List; Sonohyan-utaki Ishimon( Stone Gate of the Snohyan Shrine)

This likely was the place to pray for the King's safe trip.

2nd one of the World Heritage List; Shurijo Castle

I think it was most outstanding in world heritage of OKINAWA.

Construction Style, custom and culture etc., totally different from Japanese castle. It seemed to be strongly influenced by Chinese. I didn't know that China appointed the man to King of RYUKYU kingdom.

We took a rest at cafe, which was famous for BUKUBUKU-Cha(tea). It was so unique and healthy.

3rd one of the World Heritage List; Tamaudun( Tomb of successive royal family)

GAJUMARU tree covered it and created holy atmosphere.

TAMAYA restaurant gave us yummy SOBA lunch today.

Soup itself was lighter than yesterday's one, and maybe better than it for me.

We prayed for a peace at Peace Museum and Tower of HIMEYURI this afternoon.

About dinner, CHURASAN-TEI was today's restaurant.

UMIBUDO seaweed was so nice, perfect ending of 2nd day.


David said...

It looks like you had a nice trip to Okinawa and saw many interesting sites. It made me "home-sick" for Japan. Especially the picture of the soba noodles. Ummm yummm!!!

african said...

I couldn't imagine your home sick, David. I'm struggling to upload rest of this journey and my last fishing report...

dunkel0227 said...

Happy New Year!
After reading your article, I recalled my memory to visit Okinawa island 5 years ago.
Okinawan local food was very delicious for me at that time, especially noodles.

african said...

Happy New Year to you too, dunkel0227-san. How's your new year's holiday? I'm still staying at my wife's parents' house. That might be one of reasons for late update to this blog...

Woodman said...

Happy new year!
You went to OKINAWA?
I like Okinawa noodle too.
I like Go-ya chample and Ofu chample also.Taste very good!
When I visited Okinawa, I ran Naha marathon. I finished all but after runnnig I couldn't walk well...
But I went Chura-Umi sea park.


african said...