Saturday, March 29, 2008


I know that just now we are having a kind of prime time for the Cherry blossom here Numazu, but I'm leaving here today for business trip.

Please let me have a time to see it when I'll be back.

Ohkuma Dun

This time I tried to imitate 'Ohkuma' mayfly.

Hook size was #14, a kind of big one as mayfly like Flav in US.

The right one is the crippled type dun.

It seems that I need more practice to make it better...

And unfortunately, I have to go Zhuhai China as business trip this weekend. I hope its hatch will be keep going until I'll be there.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

They worked!! ; 2nd trip to Oshino

Since Kanogawa main stream showed severe condition, I changed today's place to Oshino.

The theme of today was 'Catch the fish with the fly tied by myself'.
I left my home about 8 o'clock and arrived there about 9 o'clock. There was not any rise, and I found the good fish eating nymph under the surface. Let's try sight nymphing as first try today.

I got several strikes though, couldn't set a hook... Oh boy, I missed good one... I spent about two hours for that.

I moved upstream and found the rise! Although it was very sensitive Yamame trout, I could hook him up!

This difficult target gave me a confidence.

I tried the fly tied by me also.
This ugly, I meant 'not beautiful', CDC midge adult #24 worked fine, good job!!

Today's lunch was also made by me. It was the rest of last nights Japanese chow mein, but tasted good for me.

After lunch I tried to take a pic with zoom lens just for change.

Beautiful good size rainbow was cruising for feeding something.

This was the first and last hole this afternoon.

I stayed there about two hours because there were several continuous rises.

This was my first brownie there. It was caught my handmade one also!

#20 CDC dun for Kokagerou(close to baetis)
I finished my fishing today before the evening, because I was satisfied with the result and tired so much.
I could find next theme also today. I'm looking forward to next trip.


I resumed the tying!!

Tying and alcohol are good combo, I think.

I remembered many things little by little.

#24 CDC midge pupa

CDC length should be adjusted at the river.

#20 CDC dun

Post position should have been center...

It was not bad as the first one after long long ... interval. I realized its fun so much!


It was so beautiful day today. I liked it so much except hay fever...
I felt I should go out anyway.

I decided to try Kanogawa main stream today. It was looked good condition!

Contrary to my expectation, the river was silent, even there were good hatches(cranefly, mayfly).

So I gave there up and went to M-River as a branch of Kanogawa river.

It was good excersize for me.

I got several baby Amago trout. They are so tiny but pretty one.
I would like to see you again when you became groundfather.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oshino; first fishing trip '08

Since I would spend this weekend alone, I planed to go fishing as first trip of this year.

The destination was Oshino! Needless to say, I was one of most famous spring creek in Japan.

My friend Curryman also had a time today, so we met there and did it together.

I got a first luck soon. This char (Iwana) refused CDC dun first. So I picked adult midge #20 pattern as next one. Then he sipped it.

Always first one gave me a pleasure, especially as it of this year!
Good start, Lance.

I had one more luck there, first hole. It was rainbow.

After that, I took pain with their smartness. Fish there were very clever. Even I had strike, it was very difficult to set a hook with them...

Curryman was doing better than me. I need to be get used to Oshino's speciality.

Totally it was good trip to me. I think I liked this place and come again soon.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vernal Equinox Day; Kanogawa Preinspection

Unfortunately we had a little rain on Vernal Equinox Day, but my daughter would like to go outside. So we went out and headed for Kanogawa.

It was colored by the rain.

She was absorbed in playing her virtual fishing pole.

I was absorbed in finding mayflies!

It was first time to see the one having such a dark wing.

This seemed to be famous and key one, Crane fly 'Gaganbo'. I need to try tying this pattern to enjoy Kanogawa fly fishing this spring.

Look these mayflies on the surface, what a healthy river it is!
I realized this river's high potential anyway.