Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oshino; first fishing trip '08

Since I would spend this weekend alone, I planed to go fishing as first trip of this year.

The destination was Oshino! Needless to say, I was one of most famous spring creek in Japan.

My friend Curryman also had a time today, so we met there and did it together.

I got a first luck soon. This char (Iwana) refused CDC dun first. So I picked adult midge #20 pattern as next one. Then he sipped it.

Always first one gave me a pleasure, especially as it of this year!
Good start, Lance.

I had one more luck there, first hole. It was rainbow.

After that, I took pain with their smartness. Fish there were very clever. Even I had strike, it was very difficult to set a hook with them...

Curryman was doing better than me. I need to be get used to Oshino's speciality.

Totally it was good trip to me. I think I liked this place and come again soon.

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