Sunday, March 23, 2008

They worked!! ; 2nd trip to Oshino

Since Kanogawa main stream showed severe condition, I changed today's place to Oshino.

The theme of today was 'Catch the fish with the fly tied by myself'.
I left my home about 8 o'clock and arrived there about 9 o'clock. There was not any rise, and I found the good fish eating nymph under the surface. Let's try sight nymphing as first try today.

I got several strikes though, couldn't set a hook... Oh boy, I missed good one... I spent about two hours for that.

I moved upstream and found the rise! Although it was very sensitive Yamame trout, I could hook him up!

This difficult target gave me a confidence.

I tried the fly tied by me also.
This ugly, I meant 'not beautiful', CDC midge adult #24 worked fine, good job!!

Today's lunch was also made by me. It was the rest of last nights Japanese chow mein, but tasted good for me.

After lunch I tried to take a pic with zoom lens just for change.

Beautiful good size rainbow was cruising for feeding something.

This was the first and last hole this afternoon.

I stayed there about two hours because there were several continuous rises.

This was my first brownie there. It was caught my handmade one also!

#20 CDC dun for Kokagerou(close to baetis)
I finished my fishing today before the evening, because I was satisfied with the result and tired so much.
I could find next theme also today. I'm looking forward to next trip.

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