Thursday, October 30, 2008

These days...

Nothing special for me, only pix...

10/19; Annual autumn festival related with local SHINTO shrine around my parents' house

10/27; Tokyo Disney Sea

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today's mayflies; ERUMON(M) spinner & SHIROTANIGAWA(M&F)

Yesterday's ERUMON' dun(male) was changed to spinner this morning.
You can see the difference between female and this male.

Left below pic; SHIROTANIGAWA male dun, he looks slightly different from previous one.

Right below pic; SHROTANIGAWA female spinner(I believe so...), she was found in our room by my wife this morning. Likely she strayed into inside with one of my folks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This morning, just before leaving home for the office, I saw these aquatic insects.

1. FUTABAKOGAGEROU mayfly dun (male)

5.5mm, two wings and two tails. A little bit different from the other one?


It was just first time to see it on the wall of our apartment, it looked like about 25mm length. It might be a kind of ugly one...

3. ERUMONHIRATAKAGEROU mayfly dun(male)

About 10mm body size, two tails and cream colored body

ERABUTA(F) and New Materials

These days, ERABUTAMADARA and Baetis are seen often around our apartment. These pix are female ERABUTA. Her wings is much longer than her body length.

By the way, I got these materials, they were new for me. It is a kind of fun to think of and try new pattern and material.

Now fall should be good to do tying as general, but I'm missing fishing itself also...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I believe she is 'ERUMONHIRATA' mayfly spinner. It was first time to see near our apartment. Two tails, 10mm body size, and 'L' shape pattern on the root of wings. Her emerald eggs looked nice.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

AKAMOMITAKE; 2nd mushrooming

This time as 2nd mushrooming trip arranged by my friend curryman, she joined it first time.

I was not sure if she could walk around for a long while in forest, but she was a good walker and seemed to be interested in mushrooming itself.

This hole was likely famous for this fir tree. We Japanese call it 'MOMINOKI'.

So today's mushroom was 'AKAMOMITAKE', which were seen often around fir tree. Its orange color was the feature.

It took long time to clean it by hand, because its surface was wet and sticky.

We cooked it as TEMPURA, deep-fried in batter. So nice to eat!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Her Bike Practice @ SENBONHAMA

I'd been on business trip to west this week. It was a kind of tough trip though, on the phone I promised my daughter to go her bike practicing together on the weekend.

It was sunny, beautiful autumn Saturday today. Our destination was SENBONHAMA seashore in NUMAZU.

She could ride a bike without supporting side wheels for a while! She was so excited.

I believe she'll be good biker soon.