Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Trial HIGENAGA

was terrible...

But I liked brown buck tail material itself, which I got first time today. It was discounted one though, not bad.

I would like to check its performance, especially durability of water-repellent.

Monday, March 30, 2009

For midge tying,

this new tying vise joined to my tying tool yesterday.

You might feel that it was too soon from buying previous one. But it had problem of vising small hook, under#20 for midge.

I was surprised by new one's vising accuracy! Now I knew the real meaning of 'Made in Japan'.I would like to use these both two as the case might be.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

KOKAGE's match the hatch; 3rd trip to KANOGAWA water system

As I wrote yesterday's blog article, I was free today also.

Today's destination was KANOGAWA main stream. OSHINO was one of candidates though, I liked warmer weather today. 10 degree difference!!

I saw small rises at side channel. And what I got was...


He surely bit my dry fly! Today's starter fish made me happy.

Moved to 2nd hole.
There were good hatches of KOKAGEROU mayfly and several rises.

I hooked over 10 fishes, and caught 7 around noon. That was great for me. I was so satisfied and finished today's fishing before 15:00.

Gorgeous one

KOKAGE's spent dun

It was good and warm spring day for me today.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

So Cold, but not bad; '09 1st trip to OSHINO

My wife and daughter have been visiting her parents' house this week. Which meant I could spend this weekend as I liked. So I headed for OSHINO as '09 1st visit with my colleague and fishing friend O-chi.

In the morning
We started today's fishing at the lowest hole first around 9 o'clock, too early. It was so cold there, almost under freezing point...
I thought I should find a rise first, so moved to upstream seeing what's going on there. O- chi stayed there in order to wait OHKUMA's hatch. He likely had a good OHKUMA fishing there.

About me, I reached the end of upper section finding stable rises. And there were several good rises of YAMAME trout for midges.

I could hooked several fishes by midge adult pattern, but missed them. And one of them was so gorgeous! Oh my...

Just for change, switched to sight fishing.
And this left one was this season's starter by cream marabou. Added one more fish by same one.

Right pic was second one's stomach stuff. Baetis's shuck was dominant.

Around noon
KOKAGEROU(Baetis)'s hatch got started, and their rises began to be activated!
Curved shank parachute pattern gave me this pretty colored bow, and another one also.

EveningBefore dark, spotted rises were seen around GIEITAI bridge. And got one small bow by same parachute pattern.

After getting dark, many fishes got crazy for HIGENAGA caddis.
I enjoyed HIGENAGA game, although made many mistakes.
As a whole, it was not bad start of my OSHINO today.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bamboo Ware

Last day of consecutive holidays was rainy.

We visited my uncle, my dad's older brother's house to make bamboo ware. We thought it should be good experience for her.

My dad picked one thick bamboo and began to saw it with her.
He knew its knack well. I should remember it.

Just like 'workshop', isn't it?

They are expected to be used as our tableware, especially as camping stuff.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Her spring vacation

had already begun from mid of this week.

This weekend as three consecutive holidays, we came to my parents house in KIKUGAWA city.

This cherry blossom is 'YOUKOU-ZAKURA', one of precocious species.

She was very happy to play with her cousin.

The bulbul on cherry tree. It should look better, if they are in bloom.

SOMEIYOSHINO, it'll be in full bloom soon.

SHIDARE-ZAKURA, weeping cherry. I don't know its name exactly.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Muddy Stream...

The rainfall of last night was heavier than I expected...
Main stream of KANOGAWA was like this, coffee with the milk...

Other tributary were also colored...
I had nothing to do there...

I tried to find not colored stream around there, but couldn't.

Please give me another chance to be there, when it keeps normal condition.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Weather forecast

said that it would be rainy in the morning and cloudy later on this Saturday. It sound not good for almost all of people, but a kind of best weather for fly fishermen I believe.
Now I have a plan of fishing on this Saturday. Weekend fishing trip itself is quite after long time for me, so I'm looking forward to it. I hope not so crowded there.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pic by her camera

Last Saturday, when we visited KISEGAWA river just for preliminary investigation, my daughter took this pic by herself.

Since I usually don't have chance to check my own casting form, it was good opportunity for me.

About KISEGAWA's condition, it seemed to be too early for dry fishing. Hatch itself was very poor, almost nothing, worse than M river.

Monday, March 09, 2009


I couldn't help trying GAGAMBO(crane fly) pattern, after I read fly fishing magazine of this month.

My trial one is far from IWAI-san's original, but likely worth to tie it as first one of next fishing trip.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hatch condition of Upper stream

We visited M river, one of KANOGAWA river system just for change
and seeing what's going on there.

Around 10:30, there seemed to be no hatch. Only some stonefly adults were seen.

One of the stonefly species

A larva of Protohermes grandis 'HEBITONBO', a kind grotesque.

Typical baetis KOKAGE's female dun, which had olive colored body. Its hatch was getting approaching noon.

And its spinner. Rusty body color and clear wing were its significant features.

Baetiella japonica, FUTABAKOKAGEROU's male dun with its shuck. For my tying , it was good to know its color was so dark.

Overall, hatch itself was slow because of low water temprature, and there were no rises yet. Probably upper stream area needs more time for dry fly fishing.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Since I got many inspirations on last fishing trip, tried to tie the parachute pattern tonight.

I hope they looks like KOKAGEROU mayfly's emerger on the water surface.

Need to go on next trip as soon as possible!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today was

the just opening day of the '09 fishing season for me.

It was a little cold and cloudy, but much better than yesterday which we had much snow.

For several reason, I thought I should buy season pass of KANOGAWA river this year. It cost 6,000 JPY, a little expensive isn't it?

My plan of today was just see and feel this river, because I didn't know of this river well yet. So I decided to visit upper section first. Starting time was about 10 o'clock.

I found some rises, but couldn't see any major hatch. There were some midges, so I changed fly pattern from to midge adult.

After several miss hooking, I got first luck of this season. Small but beautiful AMAGO trout.

Last week's spent pattern gave me 2nd and 3rd luck.

It worked well and was easy to see. I liked it. Right pic is 3rd one, red spots looked nice which were symbol of AMAGO trout.
Around noon, baetis(KOKAGEROU)' hatch was getting
4th one was caught baetis parachute pattern.

This 5th one was by pheasant tail nymph as dropper. Its pattern of red spots was so unique.

I had late lunch after that, and it began to rain. After lunch I moved to lower section and tried wet fly fishing, since there wasn't any rises. But got no luck.

About hatch itself, it was good today I think. Baetis(KOKAGE) and crane fly was two major ones.
Excepting them, one of TOBIIRO mayfly species(lower left pic). And lower right one, it was first time to see for me. Is it a NAMIHIRATA mayfly?
On the whole I think it was good opening day for me today. I would like to enjoy the spring fishing in Japan as much as possible, especially this year.