Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today was

the just opening day of the '09 fishing season for me.

It was a little cold and cloudy, but much better than yesterday which we had much snow.

For several reason, I thought I should buy season pass of KANOGAWA river this year. It cost 6,000 JPY, a little expensive isn't it?

My plan of today was just see and feel this river, because I didn't know of this river well yet. So I decided to visit upper section first. Starting time was about 10 o'clock.

I found some rises, but couldn't see any major hatch. There were some midges, so I changed fly pattern from to midge adult.

After several miss hooking, I got first luck of this season. Small but beautiful AMAGO trout.

Last week's spent pattern gave me 2nd and 3rd luck.

It worked well and was easy to see. I liked it. Right pic is 3rd one, red spots looked nice which were symbol of AMAGO trout.
Around noon, baetis(KOKAGEROU)' hatch was getting
4th one was caught baetis parachute pattern.

This 5th one was by pheasant tail nymph as dropper. Its pattern of red spots was so unique.

I had late lunch after that, and it began to rain. After lunch I moved to lower section and tried wet fly fishing, since there wasn't any rises. But got no luck.

About hatch itself, it was good today I think. Baetis(KOKAGE) and crane fly was two major ones.
Excepting them, one of TOBIIRO mayfly species(lower left pic). And lower right one, it was first time to see for me. Is it a NAMIHIRATA mayfly?
On the whole I think it was good opening day for me today. I would like to enjoy the spring fishing in Japan as much as possible, especially this year.


Anonymous said...

I'm a foriegner living in Yokohama and was interested in making a trip to the kanogawa to catch amago. Can you give easy driving directions on how to get to the fishing sections of this stream?

african said...

You should use TOUMEI-KOUSOKU freeway to the west, and take the NUMAZU IC exit. And head for SHUZENJI through R246,R1 and R136. Then you can see KANOGAWA river from R136, and from SHUZENJI to AMAGIYUGASHIMA section near R136 is fishable. You can get fishing license at 7-11 store around there. If you have any question, please give me an e-mail.