Saturday, March 28, 2009

So Cold, but not bad; '09 1st trip to OSHINO

My wife and daughter have been visiting her parents' house this week. Which meant I could spend this weekend as I liked. So I headed for OSHINO as '09 1st visit with my colleague and fishing friend O-chi.

In the morning
We started today's fishing at the lowest hole first around 9 o'clock, too early. It was so cold there, almost under freezing point...
I thought I should find a rise first, so moved to upstream seeing what's going on there. O- chi stayed there in order to wait OHKUMA's hatch. He likely had a good OHKUMA fishing there.

About me, I reached the end of upper section finding stable rises. And there were several good rises of YAMAME trout for midges.

I could hooked several fishes by midge adult pattern, but missed them. And one of them was so gorgeous! Oh my...

Just for change, switched to sight fishing.
And this left one was this season's starter by cream marabou. Added one more fish by same one.

Right pic was second one's stomach stuff. Baetis's shuck was dominant.

Around noon
KOKAGEROU(Baetis)'s hatch got started, and their rises began to be activated!
Curved shank parachute pattern gave me this pretty colored bow, and another one also.

EveningBefore dark, spotted rises were seen around GIEITAI bridge. And got one small bow by same parachute pattern.

After getting dark, many fishes got crazy for HIGENAGA caddis.
I enjoyed HIGENAGA game, although made many mistakes.
As a whole, it was not bad start of my OSHINO today.

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