Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hatch condition of Upper stream

We visited M river, one of KANOGAWA river system just for change
and seeing what's going on there.

Around 10:30, there seemed to be no hatch. Only some stonefly adults were seen.

One of the stonefly species

A larva of Protohermes grandis 'HEBITONBO', a kind grotesque.

Typical baetis KOKAGE's female dun, which had olive colored body. Its hatch was getting approaching noon.

And its spinner. Rusty body color and clear wing were its significant features.

Baetiella japonica, FUTABAKOKAGEROU's male dun with its shuck. For my tying , it was good to know its color was so dark.

Overall, hatch itself was slow because of low water temprature, and there were no rises yet. Probably upper stream area needs more time for dry fly fishing.

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