Sunday, June 24, 2012


She loves to see and touch soup bubbles.

Now she is very good at taking care of younger sister.

4 more km to the HAKONE pass

Left home around 5:00 AM.
Let's go up as much as possible, Lance.

5:56  He passed me very easily.
It is your current performance, Lance...

5:58 Passed YAMANAKA_JO, the ruins of castle.

4 more km to the pass, but it was my ability limits today...

6:12 go down home.

6:38 totally exhausted...

Total 24km

How to clear the 4 more km...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spirit of IDAHO

Thanks KJ, it was soooo nice!!

I can't help feeling the spirit of IDAHO, as fly fishing country.
Must be there again.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rust-eaten engine

Getting used to new bike. But need more practice to the HAKONE Pass. My engine still shows poor performance...

Saturday, June 09, 2012


We had to give up tomorrow's big fishing trip at last...
I don't know I have still another chance or not...
Gone evening fishing with lots of MOYAMOYA(gloomy feeling)...

Found black ant was effective there.

First time to see you this year.

Found black EHC was also effective there.

Caught 3 AMAGO(baby), 1 ABURAHAYA.
Couldn't stop fishing until 19:20.
Thinking of one more fish, but got no more fish...
Still MOYAMOYA... 

Ran into Tommy there. He was enjoying difficult selective rises.

Preparaton #3

Because of heavy rain this early morning, we had to change our original fishing trip plan from two days to one day. And according to his experience, something bulky black one should be killer pattern after rain. Please let us go fishing tomorrow, god.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Caught two though...

Early morning filed test of the cleat.
It got better, but I still weaker grip than the felt sole.

Lucky first fish by #16 white parachute.

I had occasional rain this morning.

It was good natural drift for this second one.

Ouch!!! My favorite #3 rod... Just worry about next weekend...

Saturday, June 02, 2012


It was just amazing.

I think it was the largest number of fireflies which I've ever seen.

Thanks, Tommy.

Preparation #2

As I reported,  my new rubber wading shoe's gripness was not good, a kind of slippery. And according to my fishing friend and mentor, his home A river got slippery this year. So here is  my countermeasure, just arrived today. Please help my fishing next wonderful weekend!


We two were left this afternoon. Shall we go down there, sugar?

What do you see?

Busy for feeding.

Water was colored and increased a little by occasional rain of this week.
It was a little out of my expectation...


She loves to do the same thing which her older sister does.

You look all right, sugar.