Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Not so easy...Uninvited Guest?

Hide & I took a day off and went to W-River for Steelhead fishing. He seemed to catch first Steelhead by Fly in last week fishing trip by himself.(Of course I desired to go together, but I had very busy days...).

We left home at six in the morning, and arrived there about nine o'clock. But there was two big change from last trip. The number of fishermen and amount of water flow were increased!!

Today we tried to find new hole first, and we walked over thirty minutes toward downstream. Finally we found the good pool looked like good for Steelhead! But there were many people, so we couldn't have enough space for fishing.

We returned to the upper stream on foot, and tried the previous hole which Maestro & Yokoyam3 caught good ones. But we didn't have a luck, maybe because of the rise of the river. As a result we had no fish in the morning.

After short lunch, we moved previous good hole in the upper stream. We acted separately, so I went down the stream from the parking place. When I was going to pick the fly up after drifting, feeling a tug on the line. Then I pulled the rod up quickly, felt it strongly enough. But I was disappointed a lot , when the fish appeared. It was not a trout, but a carp or something like that(24inches/60cm). To be honest with you, it did not look beautiful, but ugly. He bit the Nymph Fly not the egg dropper.

After that, I joined Hide at the upper stream. We tried the hole in front of parking, and I landed a resident Rainbow(13inches/33cm). It looked far better than the previous one, though the size was not enough big.

We could not give up soon, and fished till the sunset. Finally I caught the badlooking one again. Oh my god!

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